Flat Interest Rate Calculator | How Is It Different From Reducing Interest
By Pratik Balasaria
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Looking to buy a new flat or apartment? A financial decision that big should be taken care of with extreme care and attention to detail. In this article, we touch upon one such useful aspect of a flat interest rate calculator.

What is the flat interest rate?

flat interest rate calculator

Here, the interest rate is determined using the flat interest rate approach using the entire principle sum. The strategy does not take into account the principal repayment as the term lengthens.

The monthly payment amount and interest rate are both consistent. The flat interest rate frequently exceeds the falling interest rate. This is due to the fact that the principal amount taken into account does not decrease progressively upon repayment.

What is reducing interest rate?

The outstanding principle amount is used to compute the reducing interest rate. Therefore, in contrast to previous methods, the principal amount on which the interest rate is computed in this methos is the principal amount that remains after each EMI has been paid. Therefore, as the payback process advances, the relevant interest rate decreases.

Benefits of flat interest rate calculator

Flat interest rates has a number of benefits and is hence preferred by several home buyers.

  • Effective planning
    Since the EMI is fixed each month, it is simple to organize your monthly expenses. This saves you the bother of figuring out the EMI each month and making the necessary plans.
  • Simple Calculation
    Since the interest rate is constant, it is quite simple to figure out the flat interest rate on your personal loan. In actuality, that calculating process has been made simpler by the EMI calculator with flat interest rates. You merely need to enter the essential data, and the calculator will quickly deliver precise results.

How to use the Flat Interest Rate calculator?

A helpful online tool for calculations, the flat EMI calculator simplifies the task of calculating interest for personal loans. To find out the amount of interest due, simply input the following information into the calculator:

  • Total loan amount
  • Tenure of repayment
  • Interest Rate

The flat interest calculator will show the figures listed below once you have entered the aforementioned information:

  • An estimate of the total interest payable
  • The total repayment amount for the tenure of repayment specified by you

Differences Between Reducing Vs Flat Interest Rate

Some of the main distinctions between Reducing and Flat Interest rates are listed below:

1. Method of Calculation:
In lowering rate, the interest rate is dependent on the amount of the outstanding loan and is accumulated at a diminishing rate. When interest is computed on the whole sanctioned principle amount, the interest rate is flat.

2. Comparison Rate:
In the case of a flat rate, interest is computed in a way that typically uses a fixed percentage rather than an interest rate reduction.

3. Interest Rate Equivalence:
While calculating flat rates, the equivalent interest rate is greater, and when calculating lowering rates, the original effective interest rate is reflected.

4. Interest Rate Calculations:
It is considerably easier to calculate a flat interest rate than to lower interest rates.

Accurate interest rate calculation for accurate budgeting

Budgeting is an important step when it comes to managing your finances during the home buying process. Do check out the rest of our blogs to stay informed about the various trends and tips for new homebuyers.


How do you calculate flat interest rate?

Multiply the interest rate by the initial loan amount by the number of years in the term of the loan. Then, divide the result by the number of payments to determine the interest due per payment.

What is flat rate EMI?

The interest rate is determined using the flat interest rate approach using the entire principle sum. The strategy does not take into account the principal repayment as the term lengthens.

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