20 Bathroom Pop Design Ideas with pictures for a Luxurious Feel
By Pratik Balasaria
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Bathrooms often have the reputation of being the most overlooked and least stylish part of the house. Let’s admit it, most of the bathroom pop design India are strictly utilitarian. However, bathrooms offer a great space to create inspiring interiors, after all, it’s the most private space of your house that can be proof of your artsy, most personal taste. 

Our article on bathroom pop design offers creative ideas to revamp your bathroom and make it one of the most interesting rooms of your luxurious house.

20 Bathroom Pop Design Ideas

Here are 20 bathroom pop design ideas to choose from to transform your bathroom into a style statement.

1. Open Glass Ceiling 

If you are a big fan of natural lighting, you will appreciate this particular bathroom ceiling design of an open glass portion. With this ceiling window, your bathroom will be flooded with a lot of natural light. This innovative bathroom pop design offers a gorgeous view that instantly transports you to charming natural surroundings. Bathroom window design like this is especially practical for bungalows and independent houses. 

Furthermore, the plaster of Paris used for the false ceiling is durable and moldable. Moreover, the glass traps the heat inside the bathroom, keeping it warm and cozy. Don’t limit the sunroof to your car! 

bathroom ceiling design
Courtesy: pinterest.com

2. Wood and Marble 

Some matches are made in heaven—one such is the pairing of light marble flooring and dark wooden panels for the bathroom false ceiling. Durable and easy-care marble is popularly used for bathrooms as it wipes away water instantly without damage. 

The dark wooden panels of the bathroom ceiling bring out the best effect of the smooth and cream-colored bathroom wall tiles design. Furthermore, it provides the perfect setting to get creative with light fixtures. 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: houzz.com

3. LED Border 

Installing a thick LED border around the pop false ceiling accentuates your bathroom’s ceiling design. Another great luxury bathroom design is to use the LED lighting that runs along the flooring and the side wall. This way your bathroom appears to be more spacious and brighter than it is. 

If you like you can also install a mirror with a LED border or add tiny decorative bulbs on the ceiling centerpiece to match the overall design of your bathroom.

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: kk-99.top

4. Vaulted ceiling 

bathroom ceiling design
Courtesy: pinterest.com

Vaulted ceilings create an illusion of a spacious bathroom. You can get extra creative with this type of bathroom pop design. Create a rustic theme by using an uneven, zigzag contour, or you can also paint the planks white to create a beach-like cabin look. 

You may also use grooved wooden planks or weathered wooden beams to create a vintage and sophisticated look. Another great idea is to use the false ceiling for placing lights or adorning the ceiling with a chandelier. 

5. Matching floor and ceiling 

This is a unique way to create a sophisticated and synchronized look for your bathroom. Coordinating the geometric design of the ground tiles with the pop ceiling and the bathroom mirror design evokes an air of elegance and well-matched sophistication. 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: stylesatlife.com

6. Painted ceiling 

Although the idea of a painted ceiling in the bathroom may seem outdated, ruling it out completely would be unwise. Adding an accent colour to your bathroom pop design is an excellent way to create visual contrasts. 

Furthermore, when you use statement colors, the eyes are naturally drawn upwards. However, make sure you use water-resistant paint that is also suitable for high humidity levels and high temperatures. You may also want to use murals to elevate the style quotient. 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: deavita.net

7. Simple LED lights 

If simple and sophisticated is your go-to style idea, this is a perfect fit for you. This neat and no-nonsense toilet bathroom design works wonders for bathroom designs India of all types and sizes.

You may want to spice it up a little by adding a bathroom wall tile design that is in contrast with the pop ceiling. Notice how beautifully synched the coffee and cream color scheme is? 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: kreatecube.com

8. Chandelier bathrooms

This is not a regular term, we just invented it for luxury bathroom designs. Just like a shimmering chandelier, this bathroom style takes extravagance and splendor to another level. 

The bathroom pop design is simply adorned with perfect backdrop lighting that rightfully highlights the chandelier. If you can match the bathroom wall tiles design and bathroom cabinet designs with the rest of the bathroom flare, you have got yourself an award-winning bathroom! 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: deavita.net

9. Grey-White, White-grey

This is another picture-perfect match. You can either play with the idea of a grey bathroom tiles design and match it with a white pop ceiling, or you can also have a white bathroom wall tile design to match the grey pop ceiling with simple light fixtures. 

Either way, it’s a winner!  

Gray Tile Bathroom: What Color Should The Wall Be? [Inc. 26 Photos  Examples] - Home Decor Bliss
Courtesy: homedecorbliss.com

10. Pendant Lighting 

When you have spent exuberantly on that perfect bathroom pop design, you want to accentuate and draw everyone’s eyes towards that beautiful pop ceiling. The pendant or hanging lights are a charming alternative to regular light fixtures. They also add style and function to your bathroom space.

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: bowernyc.com

11. Aluminum composite panels 

Commonly used in commercial buildings and for bathroom ceiling design in India, aluminum composite panels or ACP is available in simple, metallic, and marble textures. 

They are also lightweight and come in various sizes. 8×4 ft is however the standard size. This is the best option to consider if your bathroom walls are damp throughout the year. 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: pinterest.com

12. Lighted glass panel

This is the best option for bathrooms that do not get natural lighting. The bathroom pop design of glass ceilings brightens up the space. You may also create patterns or add murals of your choice.

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: housing.com

13. Tiled false ceiling 

You can choose from a variety of options that go well with the overall style scheme of your toilet bathroom design and create an inviting look for your bathroom.  

Designer false ceiling ideas for your bathroom
Courtesy: housing.com

14. Gypsum false ceiling 

This is an apt fit for bathroom designs India. Choosing gypsum comes with many benefits—they are cheap, available in various designs, save electricity, ensure sound insulation, have thermal insulation, and offer fire protection. 

bathroom ceiling design
Courtesy: pinterest.com

15. Acrylic false ceiling 

This is a common and most popular choice. They are available in various transparent and solid colours. Furthermore, acrylic sheets are lightweight so you can remove them for regular cleaning or other maintenance.

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: sunrisespecialty.com

16. PVC false ceiling 

These bathroom pop designs are durable and affordable. Furthermore, they are easy to install, are water proof, and restrict the growth of mildew and mould. You can also combine it with pvc bathroom door designs for a grander look.

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: indiamart.com

17. Ornate Corner Crown 

An ornate crown molding for a bathroom pop design is perfect to transport you to an old-mold century. If you have a penchant for everything vintage this should be your design idea! 

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: youtube.com

18. Narrow wooden false ceiling 

If you are a nature lover, this bathroom pop design is ideal for you. You can use wood in a variety of patterns—strips, panels, blocks or narrow like in the picture.  

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: nordarchitecture.com

19. Unique lighting 

Today there are a lot of lighting options to get you creative with the little twinkles. You can make a star-studded sky or use dimmable lights, the canvas is yours to brighten!

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: nordarchitecture.com

20. Simple and minimal 

Some people prefer simplicity and elegance. This is a great option for a small bathroom that can do without too much clutter.  

bathroom pop design
Courtesy: designcafe.com

Let your bathroom pop design reflect your style

When you have so many bathroom pop design options to choose from, remodeling the bathroom of your dreams may seem intimidating. But you know what they say, anything worth having, doesn’t come easy. Revamping to a luxury bathroom design will align your space with style. Furthermore, it will also increase the overall median home value. Do check out our other blogs about luxury duplex in South Kolkata, 2 bhk flat in Tangra, residential properties for sale in Kolkata, and commercial space for sale in Kolkata.

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