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By Rishabh Surana
Principal Sales PS Group

It has been eight years since I started my career in real estate. From a property advisor to now principal sales with one of the leading real estate developer in India, it has been an incredible journey so far.

Selling, communicating and mentoring is my passion. So when I was asked to write something by our content team, I thought I should write about selling skills, team building, market scenario, current real estate trends etc. But something inside me said – ‘No. Not this time’. There is abundant information on the above easily available online. Of course there are learnings which I can pass on in my upcoming articles…if you like this one I plan to release a series.But, for my first article I have decided to give you an insider look into this industry…the way I see it.

The property development sector excites me because we are engaged in something fundamental to human prosperity.Our business is fundamental to the happiness of others. For me the real estate segment is like theglamour industry that transforms dreams into reality. We build spaces in which memories are made. We build facilities which promote fun & happiness. We build homes where you experience love and togetherness. We build, Familytime.

In some ways, our work mirrors that of the film industry. While the latter comprises of actors, producers, directors, musicians, photographers, choreographers etc. The real estate development sector has architects, promoters, engineers, project managers, legal professionals, finance wizards, channel partners and of course the sales team. The later sells dreams. We make them come true.

A good project takes care of the specifications and amenities just like a good film has an enthralling story and music.A film makes a block buster with good acting, good music and a good story. We make a blockbuster with sound concept, quality construction, promoter commitment and timely completion. With an illustrious and ensemble crew, we believe in creating a blockbuster with every project we make.

Like the core of a film is woven around a number of emotions, the central emotion for all our designs and architecture is woven around ‘family time’.

Similar to ways the producer, actors and distributors contribute towards the promotional impact of a film, in real estate the developer/owner, sales team and channel partners help create the buzz for a new property. They have trailers, we have walkthroughs. They have posters, we have hoardings. They have multiplexes we have experience centres. Just as in-cinema refreshments enhance the viewing experience, in real estate the food and beverage services at our experience centres plays a major role in enhancing the customer experience.

Just like the Indian film industry has evolved with new genres, the India real estate industry has also shifted gears.  Yesteryear family owned businesses are changing to more professionally managed ones.

The result is visible in the reality: India’s property development sector is the second largest national employer after agriculture.

 And, as a sector, we’ve only just begun…

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