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Yes, we all crave for ample space to fit all our stuffs, however reality is harsh and space crunch in terms of small bedrooms and smaller wardrobes almost always compel us to get creative with our storage solution and space utilization ideas. The whole concept of maximizing the storage is of vital importance, when it boils down to the point of optimizing a small bedroom.
So; where to start with?where to stash all your belongings? The answer is simple, straight and uncomplicated  focus on making the storage functional as well as beautiful. Think hard and think more about what you can stash above or under the bed, what you may hang on your bedroom walls and how many storage baskets you can place strategically without making it appear like a dishevelled  'indoor bazaaar'.
Placing the right furnishing at the tight place is the 'key' here. Here we've jotted down a few hacks to make your small bedroom feel more spacious.  Deal with your bedroom claustrophobia easily with these tips - 

#Tip 1: Maximize the space under your bed. 
Stash things under the bed and hide them. That's right; under bed storage is one of the smartest and easiest space solutions as it doesn't eat up the additional floor space. If you do not have any additional storage, you still have got a clear storage  solution by using the space under your bed. You may buy a taller bed or you may simply raise your present bed and add storage containers under the bed.

#Tip 2: Organize the dresser. 
Yes, you have read it right. So take the time to organize the clothing in your dresser in order  to grab more storage space. Rely on the folding drawer dividers to optimize the dresser space. Also; you may  take out some time to vacuum pack your out-of-season clothing to keep your unused clothes from being too bulky. Take critical look at your dresser right now. Are you milking each and every inch of your storage space? If not then you are actually missing out from utilizing what you have already. Install a few clothing rods, folding drawer dividers, over the door hangers and other storage tools.

#Tip 3: Make your furniture work double. 
Yes, use double duty furniture in your bedroom to get the most from them. For instance; you may buy a storage cabinet instead of a table, or buy a floating drawer instead of a shelf and the list simply goes on. It's all about fitting in some extra storage wherever you can.

#Tip 4: Install a shallow wardrobe along with an entire wall.  
Agreed- it's not an easy and cheap option. Splurging on a wardrobe wall may seem crazy if you have less amount of bedroom floor space, however, do everything in your power and control to install a shallow ward robes atleast, along an entire wall to add that ultimate cozy feel to the room. A solo wall to wall wardrobe in light color will help fight the claustrophobic feel while providing you with the right storage solution

So, what according to you is the smartest way to sneak in some extra storage in your cramped bedroom?Have you had any success with any storage idea not listed on this blog?
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