Residential apartments in Madhyamgram in North Kolkata
By Chandan
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Madhyamgram has shrugged off its nondescript image of being a laidback bastion. Close to Kolkata Airport, the soporific area now hums with real estate activity, with towering residences projecting its transformational sojourn. To put facts in proper perspective, residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta emerged as an attractive and viable option in recent years. Home buyers keen to have a mix of natural beauty and suitable location have shown the propensity to reside or invest here.

With rising levels of noise and air pollution in the big cities, home buyers choose to settle in areas where contemporary living with modern amenities are provided along with the scope to breathe in the fresh air. Madhyamgram, one of the few locations around Kolkata, provides the much sought-after combination of wellness and connectivity. Behind its rapid rise as the fastest-growing residential hub in North Kolkata are a clutch of factors to analyse.

Residential flats in Madhyamgram Chowrasta

Those living out of the suitcases have much to cheer. The opportunity to buy residential flats in Madhyamgram Chowrasta brings them closer to the airport. The proximity is a boon for frequent fliers who do not have to navigate the serpentine city traffic and waste precious hours. Families remain worry-free as professionals and business people can board early morning or late night flights without any hassles and arrive at odd hours. One of the key sub-segments of buyers of residential flats in Madhyamgram Chowrasta consists of those who travel frequently.

Affordable luxury

Home buyers have the option of purchasing spacious residential flats in Madhyamgram Chowrasta in the affordable luxury segment. Aspirational middle-class families have responded well to the concept of new facilities inside modern complexes. Since the residential flats in Madhyamgram Chowrasta are affordable, with the latest amenities on offer, the intelligent amalgamation of luxury has given ample evidence that Madhyamgram is upscale like other posh localities in Kolkata.

As residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta instill a sense of pride in home buyers, the psychological hindrances to investing here are now a thing of the past. Home buyers love to flaunt their Madhyamgram address and assert their presence with a dash of éclat. Madhyamgram is the only location in North Kolkata with the highest number of housing projects in kolkata that provide contemporary amenities, modern features, and world-class specifications. The overwhelming response from home buyers has triggered a slew of new residential project launches in Madhyamgram. Potential homebuyers focus on Madhyamgram as a peripheral location worth inhabiting because other areas like New Town or Rajarhat have turned expensive. The expected appreciation from a low investment is likely to be high as the area is in its growing stage. There is a good potential for expansion, unlike other localities that have reached the pinnacle of growth. Also, the cost of living is lower here and hence, it scores high in terms of the livable quotient.


The ease of commuting to other parts of the city is a big reason that makes a locality popular with home buyers across segments. The availability of public transport during late hours attracts home buyers to buy residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta. During peak hours, air-conditioned buses are available. The connectivity issue assumes prime importance during medical emergencies. The element of quick connectivity boosts the livable quotient as residents in this area can commute to and from their offices located in any part of the city. The upcoming East-West Metro project looks set to further improve the connectivity of this area.


Another key strength is that the residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta do not segregate or isolate residents from Kolkata just because they come to live here for natural splendour. The inexorable infrastructural progress in Madhyamgram drives the relocation of families here. It has managed to convince home buyers that the oasis of peace and spacious living within an affordable budget exists in residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta.

Henceforth, there is no question of sacrificing or compromising on urban lifestyle while staying in this locality. The solitude and serenity of suburban living do not compel residents to forgo what they need for smart living. There are excellent schools and colleges, malls and entertainment hubs, hospitals and clinics. The academic life of children stays safe from disruptions of all kinds. They do not have to worry about specialised medical care during emergencies. The young generation has multiple options to chill out with friends and family. It ensures a lively atmosphere that keeps their boredom away. As the demand for residential flats in Madhyamgram Chowrasta keeps rising, it reflects the gradual acceptance of the locality as a veritable paradise for home buyers.


A host of facilities make residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta the preferred choice as the standard of living goes north. With community halls, swimming pool, play areas, indoor games room, multi-purpose games court, yoga room, mini-theatre, library, sit-out area for senior citizens, parks, surveillance, jogging tracks, landscaped gardens and natural water body inside sprawling residential projects. There are new inclusions and exciting features of the residential projects that add a heavenly feeling of luxury and enrich the contemporary standards of living for the children who grow up in a secure and clean world. The healthy lifestyle offered is the biggest attraction that makes home buyers show a keen interest in living in the fringes of Kolkata. Home buyers seeking a utopian world of peace and tranquility have found a suitable option in Madhyamgram. In the coming years, a complete facelift is likely to make it one of the preferred areas on the outskirts of Kolkata.

If there are plans to buy a residential unit in the lap of nature along with the modern amenities, residential apartments in Madhyamgram Chowrasta are worth checking out on a priority basis. Before prices get revised, it makes sense to check out the availability of the best homes in this locality from reputed builders who have shown the foresight to make Madhyamgram one of the fastest-growing hubs in North Kolkata today.

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