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The process of acquiring mutation of flat in Kolkata is something you must be aware of, if you live in Kolkata. This is because when a property is sold or transferred, the title ownership changes from one person to another. This is known as the mutation of a property or land. 

By changing ownership of a building or piece of land, the new owner receives the property’s title documented in the land revenue department under his or her name, allowing the West Bengal government to collect property taxes from the legal owner. 

You might need to go for mutation of flat in Kolkata for a variety of reasons, such as a change of title ownership, the death of the original owner, and inheritance transfer or succession. Furthermore, an irreversible power of attorney can be used to transfer ownership of leased property.

In this article, we take a closer look at the West Bengal land mutations and mutations of flats in Kolkata. 

All legal transactions concerning your flat must go through the process of mutations of the flat in Kolkata. The property is changed, and the new owner receives the revenue records in his name.

Such information will be updated in the revenue records kept by civic organizations like municipalities, panchayats, or municipal corporations once the property has undergone a change.

Types of Mutation

There are two different types of mutation: mutation of agricultural lands and mutation of non-agricultural lands, which include residences, godowns, and other structures. Without the first mutation, the land title cannot be transferred to the new owner. Although it is not legally required in the latter situation, it should be done to safeguard ownership rights and prevent complications when selling your item.

Documents Required for Mutation

To change a property, you must submit the appropriate paperwork to the village office.

  • Application for Mutation Registration Deeds with a Stamp (Both current & previous)
  • Affidavit on stamp paper with the necessary value for sale deeds
  • You need a receipt of the most immediate payment of your property taxes
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card

Documents Required for a Mutation in Case of Will or Inheritance

online mutation of flat in kolkata

You need to have the following documents for the same:

  • Certificate of death
  • Affidavit copy of a succession certificate on stamp paper
  • Receipt of most recent payment of real estate taxes in the case of a power of Attorney
  • Power of Attorney Copies
  • Application for modification with an attached stamp
  • Deeds of registration (Both current & previous)
  • Affidavit on stamp paper with the necessary value for sale deeds
  • Payment of the most recent property tax received
  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Ration Card

Mutation of a Flat in Kolkata Through Online Process

Please follow the below steps exactly to apply for an online mutation of flats in Kolkata:

Step 1: Go to the official websites of Land And Land Reforms, and the Refugee Relief And Rehabilitation Department. In these sites, you can register a property for online mutation of flat in Kolkata.

Step 2: On the menu bar, under the online application tab, select the “Mutation Application” option.

Step 3: The candidate must complete the mutation application form according to the guidelines.

For online mutation of flats in Kolkata your application must contain the following information:

  • Information about applicants
  • Specifics of the transferer
  • List of attachments
  • Upload the necessary documents

Step 4: Upload all of the necessary papers, including a registered deed, a list of legal heirs, chain deeds, etc.

Step 5: From the Online Application menu, select the Fees Payment option to pay the charge. Then enter the Request Type and Application number before clicking “Next” to see your payment options.

  • When you pay the fees “online” (using GRIPS’s Netbanking and Debit Card options), your Mutation Case number registration will be instant.
  • If you pay the fees using the GRIPS “counter payment” option, you can confirm your payment and register your case using the GRN Search application found under the Online Application option.

Step 6: Click Submit after successfully paying the mutation fees. The relevant authority will receive the mutation application online.

Step 7: After receiving the recognition sheet, the applicant should make a note of the mutation registration number for future use.

Step 8: After physically inspecting the land, the concerned authority will process the application and issue a Mutation order.

You can follow this stepwise process for the online mutation of flats in Kolkata. 

Simplified offline and online process of Mutation of Flats in Kolkata 

It is crucial to update the municipal authorities’ revenue records when property ownership changes to continue collecting property tax. As already discussed, the term signifies the process of documenting a change in ownership in a municipal authority’s revenue records. In Hindi, the mutation refers to as “Dakhil Kharji” and “Intekal.” When the new owner requests a water or electricity connection, a mutation certificate is essential for it.

The parties may submit the necessary application forms to the offices of Revenue Inspectors at the Gram Panchayat level, Block Land and Land Reforms Officers at the Panchayat Samiti level, or the offices of district magistrates of the pertinent blocks or districts.

The mutation process will be over within six months if there is no objection. Additionally, within five days of the application date, you can get a certified copy of the mutation order.

By following these paths you can easily carry out the official mutation in Kolkata.


What does mutation of property mean?

Mutation means situations involving inheritance, property wills, sales and purchases, the passing of the current owner, or through any government settlement and a change in ownership.

Do we need an Aadhar card during the mutation process?

Yes, you need both an Aadhar card and a ration card during the online and offline mutation process.

What are the two types of property mutations?

There are two types of mutation of agricultural lands and mutation of non-agricultural lands.

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