7 Beautiful Mandir Designs For Small Flats That Will Fit Right
By Pratik Balasaria
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Pooja rooms are indispensable in Hindu homes. These rooms often radiate a vibe of peace and remind us of our humble roots. However, with the phenomenon of space crunch, there is a lack of space which doesn’t allow people to dedicate a proper area as a Pooja room. So, here are a few ways you can install mandir designs for small flats in a limited space. 

10 mandir designs for small flats 

These designs for mandirs are perfectly suitable for smaller flats and apartments while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic. 

1. Mandir designs for small flats with jaali doors

mandir designs for small flats

These intricately designed jaali doors, made of wood or even stainless steel, elevate the vibe of the room. These could be installed in either the living room or even the bedrooms, as you wish. 

2. A dedicated corner for Pooja mandir with elevation

mandir designs for small flats

You can even utilize a corner of any room of your choice to make the prettiest pooja ghar for small homes. Choose the backdrop of your choice, put up some fancy lights and you’re good to go!

3. Wall-mounted mandir designs for small flats

mandir designs for small flats

Wall-mounted units are the best way to save space in smaller flats. These units can be perfect for mandir designs as they need the least space while providing enough exclusiveness to the mandir. 

4. Partition to differentiate between mandir and other rooms

mandir designs for small flats

Partitioning of any room can also be done to dedicate a specific area for pooja ghars for small and big flats. This can be done by placing room-segregators near a corner of a room and transforming that corner into your little Pooja mandir without using too much space. 

5. Wooden mandir designs for small flats 

mandir designs for small flats

Wood is a great material for constructing small mandirs. These give a very rustic and aesthetic feel to the mandir. Also, the durability of this material makes it an ideal choice for simple mandir designs. 

6. Portable mandirs in small flats

mandir designs for small flats

Such portable units are particularly popular among many homes and apartments in kolkata. These come in varied sizes and materials that you can choose as per your need. 

7. Mandir designs for small flats with storage

mandir designs for small flats

Pooja and mandirs often need loads of storage space to keep Pooja samagri. Designing a storage space right below the Pooja ghar is a great tip to save space in small flats. 

Enjoy sanctity and peace in your flat and apartment

Areas of the house like pooja ghars are an essential part to maintain peace and calm in the house. The above ideas for mandir designs for small flats are not only beautiful to look at but also help you save space smartly for new homebuyers living in flats in joka kolkata. You can also check out our other blogs about Kolkata residential projects and em bypass flats and know more about real estate in Kolkata.


How do you fit a mandir in a small apartment?

1. Use partitions
2. Mount the mandir on walls
3. Transform your cupboard space into a mandir
4. Place your mandir on floating shelves.

How do I build a temple room at home?

1. Choose a bright background.
2. Go for rustic materials like wood or stainless steel.
3. Make provision for lightings on the wall.
4. Utilize space efficiently.

How can I set my pooja room in a small space?

Creating a partition between the corner of a room and the rest of the space allows you to utilize that corner for an exclusive pooja space.

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