Luxury House in India in 2021: Trends, Prices and more
By Pratik Balasaria
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Wealthy families in India have truly luxurious tastes and live in some of the best homes in India. With people spending more time at home, those who can afford it are looking to upgrade to larger spaces. Homebuyers are keen to invest in a luxury house in India that is modern, luxurious and offers sustainable living. These homes come with multi-utility spaces that can be converted as per the needs of residents. Such luxury apartment in Kolkata also focus on beautiful interiors combined with modern amenities. Hence, here we have compiled luxury house trends and the best house designs with their respective price.

Luxury House in India

High net income homebuyers invest only in the best for their house construction cost in India. They also set the trends and define luxury living through their stylish and impeccable abodes. These can be hence identified by their grandeur, richness of palette, and uniqueness. Comfort and aesthetics are also flawlessly blended with functionality and personalized taste in these new residential projects in Kolkata. These are influenced by the global taste and creativity of new-age interior decorators and design firms. 

Thus, 2021 saw new trends emerge in the interiors of luxury house in India. These were the top trends that can inspire you for your own home: 

1. Multi-functional spaces in your luxury house construction cost in India

The pandemic led to the creation of multi-functional spaces. As homeowners started spending more and more time inside their homes, spaces that can perform dual functionalities will be popular. The role of luxury house in India has evolved drastically. Now not only do we live in our homes, but we also work, exercise and holiday in them too. Any home must work in a multifunctional way, and yet be luxurious and comfortable. Design firms have been working more frequently with decorative screens that can create smaller rooms within a larger room. These screens add a touch of glam by acting like decor pieces and also create privacy.

2. A statement office

With work from home becoming the norm, functional office space is not just a want but a necessity. These spaces have evolved from being purely functional, and are placing greater emphasis on ambiance and mood. Thus architects are especially carving out these spaces while drawing up modern plans. These dedicated home offices combine the best of tech capabilities with a room that is smart, presentable, and slightly different. While also being fully equipped and highly functional. Tech capability combined with smart and comfortable design is the ultimate requirement. Libraries and art galleries are interesting spaces to look for inspiration. Add interesting textures to add depth and interest while designing a luxury house construction cost in India.

3. Creating the perfect Zoom background

For most people zoom meetings have become an everyday occurrence. Thus wanting the perfect backdrop that is aesthetically pleasing has become an important consideration. Some ways to create this are by hanging statement art, pops of color, and good lighting. This can help in creating not just a stylish setting for a meeting but also make the home office a very enjoyable space to be in. 

4. Laid-back and informal living spaces

Homebuyers looking to buy a luxury house in India are moving away from traditional dining and entertainment spaces. They are leaning in favour of more informal spaces that are much more laid back. These living spaces are much more liveable and use organic fabrics and materials that are both durable and comfortable.

What is the average luxury house price in India?

A luxury house in India can cost upwards of 4 crores or more. Homes in the 1 crore to 1.5 crore price bracket are in the premium or high-end segment. Price points for luxury housing projects in prime locations of Mumbai range between Rs 25,000 and Rs 1.10 lakh per sq. ft. For similar projects in south and central Delhi, it is between Rs 15,000 and Rs 65,000 per sq. ft. In prime locations of Gurgaon, the prices range from Rs 7,500 per sq. ft to Rs 30,000 per sq. ft, while in Bengaluru it is between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 per sq. ft. Both the high rate per sq. ft and the size of the apartment (typically in excess of 2,500 sq. ft) inflate the luxury house price in India.

Which is the most luxurious house in India?

The most expensive luxury house in India is considered to be the home of India’s richest businessman, Mukesh Ambani. The name of the most luxurious house in India is Antilia and is rumored to cost upwards of 12,000 crores. This home has 27 stories and luxe amenities. These amenities include an 80-seat movie theatre, salon, ice cream parlor, swimming pool, gym, etc.

The second most luxurious house in India is the home of superstar actor Shahrukh Khan. His home Mannat is considered among the most luxurious homes in India. It is located in Bandra and is valued at Rs. 200 crores. 

A few more on this list include the JK house, valued at 6000 crores. The home of Anil Ambani which includes a helipad and is valued at Rs. 5000 crore also features on this list. 

Luxury house construction cost in India for sale

Many developers are now offering luxury homes for sale in large residential complexes. If you are considering investing in real estate, buying a luxury house for sale in India is a great investment. Some of the best on this list are:

  1. Oberoi Oasis in Mumbai 
    Valued at 39 – 49 crore per home. This luxury house in India offers exclusivity and a prime location. Additionally, it has been built by a prominent developer – The Oberoi Realty Group.
  2. Raheja Metal Box in Mumbai
    Priced at 23 to 38 crore per home, this luxury house in India is located in Worli.
  3. Kingfisher Tower Residences in Bangalore
    Priced at 25 crore upwards, this is a landmark project in Bangalore. 

Find your luxury house in India

The market for buying a real estate in India is booming. When buying a luxury house in India, do consider the location as well as cost before investing. Kolkata is a hotspot for those looking to buy an apartment in India. If you are considering buying one, do read our blogs on luxury homes in Kolkata, residential properties for sale in Kolkata, and residential apartments in Beliaghata to find the perfect home.


Where is the most luxurious house in India?

The most luxurious house in India is in Mumbai, and is the home of businessman Mukesh Ambani – Antilla.

What is the average price of a luxury house construction cost in india?

A luxury house construction cost in india can cost upwards of 4 crores or more.

What are the top trends in luxury house design in India?

1. Multi-functional spaces
2. A statement office
3. Zoom-worthy backgrounds
4. Informal living spaces

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