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By Iftekhar Ahsan
Founder, Kolkata Walks
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The engineering and construction marvel, Kolkata Howrah Bridge is not just admired in all of India, but is an iconic wonder for the world. Every Indian who has been to Kolkata has taken a moment to glance at the bridge from Howrah railway station. And why won’t they? It has that appealing quotient which draws our attention from a far distance. 

So today, this post is to enlighten you some of the important facts about Kolkata Howrah Bridge

Mesmerizing Facts on “Kolkata ka Howrah Bridge”

kolkata ka howrah bridge

The Kolkata locals call out this construction marvel as their own and out of pure love. Kolkata ka Howrah bridge is close to the heart of every localite of the city. So, let’s dig deeper into some amazing facts about this bridge:

  1. Kolkata Howrah Bridge is a cantilever bridge that is supported only from one end, and stands horizontally, which makes it an engineering marvel. 
  2. There are no nuts and bolts used in the making of this bridge, as it is made out of rivets throughout the structure. 
  3. The Howrah bridge handles a daily traffic of around 100,000 vehicles and 150,000 pedestrians. Hence, this makes the bridge one of the busiest cantilever bridges in all of the world. 
  4. When under construction, it was the third-largest cantilever bridge in the world. Today, it is the sixth-longest bridge in this category. 
  5. Bird droppings and human spits can corrode the bridge, for which the Government spends Rs. 5,00,000 annually to regularly clean them out. 
  6. A solitary tram was the first ever vehicle that used the bridge. 

People from all across the country and the world are keen to learn about the engineering of this bridge. Following that, people who intend to buy properties and move to Kolkata for a permanent livelihood, often prefer spending time near Howrah bridge or enjoying its view from a farther distance. 

At PS Group, we have explored the beauty of Kolkata, and its charm, which draws people from different states in India to come and live in this City of Joy. For them, we have some of the best properties lined up and ready for them to move into. 


Why is Howrah Bridge also Referred to as Rabindra Setu?

On June 14, 1965, Howrah Bridge was renamed after the famous poet, Rabindranath Tagore, and was stated as Rabindra Setu. But even today, this bridge is popularly referred to as Howrah Bridge among the locals. 

Who Supplied the Massive Amount of Steel Needed for Construction of this Bridge?

A total of 26,500 tons of high-tensile alloy steel was used for construction of this bridge, and 23,000 tons of it was provided by Tata Steel. 

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