A Handy Guide: How to set up a Home Workspace
By Pratik Balasaria
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Working from home is a new phenomenon but because of the unprecedented and prolonged lockdown and well afterward, many people will choose to work from home (WFH). Although WFH saves travel time, with no need to worry about getting stuck in traffic jams, or deal with meetings, and tiny cubicles, WFH also has its own challenges—there are kids playing around, pets wanting your attention, TV blaring away, and let’s not forget the house chores, and other distractions. This unplanned requirement to set up makeshift offices at home has a lot of people looking for options on how to set up a home workspace. 

Undeniable Benefits of Setting up a Home Workspace

How to set up a Home Workspace

Creating a dedicated workspace at home will do wonders for your work. This does not have to be a typical cubicle, it could also be a corner of a room, or simply a table—important is that you limit this area only as your ‘go-to-work’ space, so that when you enter it, it instantly acts as a mental trigger. This structure of separating your work time from downtime will help to create mental boundaries.  Having a dedicated workstation at home has other benefits such as—

  1. Helps to maintain focus
  2. Gets you mentally into a work mode
  3. Minimizes distractions
  4. Creates a work-life balance
  5. Induces a sense of productivity 

How to Set up a Home Workspace?

Another benefit of WFH is that it gives you the freedom to design your workstation. As a designer, you can control your surroundings, whereas, in an office, you pretty much have only your desk to design.

  1. Choose a good spot 

    Remember to choose your ‘go-to-work’ spot away from the ‘activity centres’ of the house like the living room or kitchen, this is especially important if your family members are going to use that space during your work hours. Even if you own a 2 bhk flat in Kolkata, it is not impossible to set up a home workspace. It is important to consider the environment of your workstation—is it too noisy? Is there a door to close for meetings and to make calls? Are there enough electrical outlets? Can it accommodate a desk and a chair? Does it have access to natural light?

  2. Watch where you sit

    Working from home doesn’t, unfortunately, reduce the working hours, in fact, you spend more hours working than at the office. With this in mind, it is crucial to choose the right furniture, choosing the wrong one impacts bad posture that will make you uncomfortable and keep you from work. 

    Some tips to choose the right furniture for how to set up a home workspace—
    Avoid choosing a fancy desk, rather choose functionality and make sure it is comfortable. 
    Ensure that your chair has back support and you sit straight while working on the computer. Adjusting the height of your chair also matters, as you don’t want your feet hanging in the air. 
    Sit at least 75 centimeters away from the screen. 
    Keep keyboard and mouse at arm’s length so you don’t have to stretch, bend or slouch to reach them. 

  3. Equip home office technology 

    The primary need for how to set up a home workspace also includes having the right technology tools for your job. Depending upon your budget, comfort and business needs, choose the right gear for your home office setup. However, some of the primary things that induce productivity at work include a good monitor or laptop, a wireless mouse, hi-speed internet, printer, scanner, headphones, webcams, USB and AC adapters, cables, computer speakers, among others. Remember, the perfect tech gear can make or break your home office setup.  
    It is especially important to have at least 50Mbps internet speed. With family members using the internet at the same time during your work hours, it is especially important to have a higher-speed service. The best connection is wired Ethernet, so if possible, connect your computer to your router directly via an Ethernet cable. This benefits people who do frequent video conferences or other bandwidth-intensive work, Wi-Fi works well for basic office work.
    After you have set up the perfect home workspace that suits your business needs, the following tips will help you become your most productive and organized self.

  4. Declutter 

    Having a clean desk helps to start the day on a fresh slate. Choose a desk that has drawers and a cupboard for storage. Swimming through those extra papers on the desk, will delay your progress and affect your mood. You may add a couple of folders, or use sticky notes, you may also consider rearranging the room to avoid distractions.

  5. Make it comfortable 

    Welcoming environments at home workspace will make you want to work in it and be productive. You may consider hanging a painting or adding succulents. Make sure the room has good lighting to avoid eyestrain and headaches. You may consider setting up your workstation near a window or in a place that brings in fresh air and sunlight. If you work more during the night, avoid using a spotlight or harsh fluorescent lighting. Ambient light from the desk doesn’t strain your eyes.  

  6. Take effective breaks

    Remember to take meaningful breaks during your work hours. Consider taking a walk to recharge, read short articles to know about the latest innovations in your field, or play with your kid or your pet. When you are working from home, you tend to take too many short breaks, however, choose a break time that works best for your schedule and work habits. Make it only just as long as it takes for you to get back into the work mode. 

Co-Working Spaces to Ease WFH in the Residential Projects

How to set up a Home Workspace

With most of the country’s workforce staying at home, and looking for options on how to set up a home workspace, real estate developers in India are exploring the co-working space segment to attract not only in-house clientele, but also buyers from beyond the captive zone. While you are considering ideas on how to set up a home workspace, you may also consider the option of a co-working space as incorporating co-working spaces in existing residential infrastructure calls for doing key modifications in structures that were originally reserved for community or socializing activities. 

Upcoming Residential Properties in Kolkata with Co-working Spaces

  1. Abacus Offices at New Town, Opp. Auto Mall

With 65% open spaces, 200 trees, ample parking, advanced security and internal traffic management system, proximity to hubs, transport stations, and utility stores, Abacus by PS Group is the most coveted Grade A Business Park in prime New Town, Action Area II. Premium offices in Abacus cost Rs. 71 Lacs onwards. 

  1. PS One10, flats in Rajarhat Newtown

Awarded a gold certificate by IGBC, PS One 10 sprawls over 9 acres and provides luxury 2 and 3 BHK flats in Newtown. It boasts of 70% open area and 50% of lush greenery. The biggest advantage of PS One is its location. It is a stone’s throw away from Kolkata’s IT hub. Along with several amenities such as wellness centre, cabanas, cycling tracks, nature trail, outdoor theater, convenience store, ATM, and pharmacy, PS One also offers banquet halls, co-working spaces, and a business lounge. 

Parting Words

Working from home makes it difficult to separate home life from work life. However, with our tips on how to set up a home workspace, you will be able to create a dedicated work area that will help to maintain healthy relationships with family and colleagues. There will always be a debate on whether work from home or work from office is more productive—the key however is to work in a quiet environment and to inhabit some strategic tips to shrug off the unproductive slump. 


What are 5 things that should be in a workspace set up?

These are the most common effective elements employees expect in a work space whether at home or in an office:
1. A Practical Desk
2. A Comfortable Chair
3. Everyday Conveniences
4. Private Restrooms
5. Cleanliness

How do I set up a workspace at home?

These essential tips will help to create a home workspace—
1. Consider Your Work Needs
2. Designate a Specific Work Zone
3. Work With What You Have
4. Choose a Filing Method
5. Prioritize Comfort
6. Keep it Organized

Does a home office have to be a separate room?

The home office setup does not normally qualify as home offices either, because these rooms are used for other family activities as well in addition to the extra business activities. Although there are certain tips to choose an office room, it does not specify that a home office has to be a full room or a completely enclosed area.

How do I organize my workspace at work?

Here are some important tips to organize your work space and stay productive:
1. Create a separate space for your workstation
2. Organize with Colors and Labels
3. Choose a proper labelling and color system for your office
4. Use Storage Boxes & Containers
5. Segment Your Work Zones
6. Organize Your Desk Accessories
7. De-clutter and Organize Your Laptop/Desktop
8. Have Inspirational Reminders

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