What Is A Fully Furnished Flat And What Are Its Advantages?
By Pratik Balasaria
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What do you think makes a house comfortable and luxurious? Is it loads of space? Or is it the presence of comfortable amenities waiting to serve you? But, well, apartments usually don’t come equipped with all these amenities right? Think again! Because a fully furnished flat provides the best of amenities and more! Now, the million-dollar question- What is a fully furnished flat and why should you invest in it? 

What is a fully furnished flat?

A fully furnished flat is a flat, fully equipped with several amenities including facilities for daily usage, regular housekeeping services, etc. which are all priced within the rental or buying price of the apartment. These can be completely customized as per one’s wish after the purchase. Thus, these apartments provide a full-fledged experience to their residents without the hassle or cost of furnishings.

7 benefits of buying a fully furnished flat

Buying a fully furnished flat comes with a set of benefits. Here are 9 primary benefits of choosing one.

  1. A house that feels like home
    The various amenities and facilities in serviced apartments give it a very homely feeling. This feeling of comfort is often found to be missing in flats and apartments that lack taste as well as personability.
  2. Fully-functional kitchen
    You can even cook your own food without relying on restaurant food every day from the day you move in, thanks to the furnished kitchen. Cooking essentials like cooktops are available in such flats too.
  3. Live as you wish
    The various concierge services help you customize your stay the way you like it. Thus, a fully furnished flat helps you prioritize your comfort above all.
  4. Ensured privacy
    The ample space in such apartments even allows you to host your own parties or get-togethers, all within the privacy of your own apartment.
  5. Cheaper than unfurnished flats
    Luxurious stays can be very expensive when one has to furnish an unfurnished flat or apartment from scratch. Thus, you enjoy comfort and luxury at a much more affordable price in a fully furnished flat.
  6. Security
    Equipped with CCTVs and security guards, the safety of you and your belongings in such apartments is always ensured.
  7. Luxurious furnishing
    Enjoy top-class furnishings, enriched with comfort and culture.

Fully furnished flat and a luxurious life

Finding the right fully equipped apartment or flat for you is essential to a new homebuyer no matter what your budget is. If you’re looking for flats and apartments across the country, do check out the rest of our blogs!


What is the difference between fully furnished and semi-furnished?

A fully furnished apartment has amenities including lights, electricals, certain furniture, and kitchen essentials while semi-furnished apartments include only basic necessities like lights and other electricals.

What is the meaning of fully furnished?

Fully furnished flat or apartment means any space that is equipped with basic as well as luxurious amenities like electricals, fridge, AC, and even some furniture.

Is it worth renting fully furnished?

Renting a fully furnished flat or apartment can help keep the overall cost of your home-buying expense since the home already includes the amenities that you need.

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