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By Partha Dutta
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Flat registration process in Kolkata sounds more of a task, but if you own a home, the work is worthwhile. Before you formally claim this land as your own, there is one more task to finish. To grant you ownership rights over it, registering your property is essential. 

The West Bengal state government is in charge of establishing laws and regulations for the flat registration process in Kolkata. Property buyers can easily register the sale deed online, and calculate and pay stamp duty and registration fees through net banking according to a state initiative by the revenue department. 

The entire process is referred to as “e-nathikaran.” The document must be physically submitted. However, the request form and stamp duty payment can also be completed online. You must be aware of such information when buying a home.

The flat registration process in Kolkata is outlined here in detail.

6 Steps to Register a Flat in Kolkata (Offline)

If you do your homework and have all the necessary paperwork ready for buying an apartment in Kolkata, registering it is a pretty simple process. The entire house registration process is broken down into the following steps.

Step 1: Determine the Amount to Pay for Stamp Duty.

One of the most crucial steps in the flat registration process in Kolkata is the payment of stamp duty, a type of tax imposed by the state government. Since state governments choose the stamp duty rate, it might differ between states. Depending on which of the two is higher, it is either computed as a percentage of the entire property worth of the house or as the current circle rate as determined by the state authorities.

Step 2: Get the Sales Deed Ready.

One of the most crucial records in buying a luxury apartment in Kolkata and the registration procedure is a sales deed. A sales deed must be typed on stamp paper, which can be purchased from a vendor or obtained from the internet, in order to be legally legitimate. You will need to hire a competent attorney to create it on your behalf since it is a legal document.

Step 3: Obtain the Necessary Documents.

A few documents will need to be checked before you buy apartment in Kolkata and register it with your sub-registrar.

  • Address proof and government-approved ID card.
  • Certificate of No Objection (NOC) for the property
  • Passport-size images of the property’s owner and two witnesses
  • Most recent tax payment receipt.
  • If you are still making mortgage payments on the property, the most recent bank account statement.
  • Building plans that have been approved by the relevant authorities.
  • Owner’s title deeds to the land.
  • To pay stamp duty, use cash or a demand draft.

Step 4: Schedule a Meeting with the Sub-Registrar.

Property can only be registered in the presence of the sub-registrar. The sales deed paperwork’s original signer, as well as two witnesses, must be present.

Step 5: Pay the Registration Fees. 

You will be prompted to pay the registration fees after the sub-registrar validates the validity of the documents and stamp duty paid. The registration cost is 1.5% of the entire value of the property if you made a reservation within four months of signing the sales deed.

Step 6: Collect Your Registered Documents.

You will receive the registered original paperwork back once the sub-registrar has approved the documents. To maintain records of property ownership, they will hold onto copies of the originals.

Register Flat/Property in Kolkata Online

1. Fill the Electronic Request Form

  • Either fill out a brand-new requisition form or a requisition form that has been partially filled out. You must select option one if you are a new user.
  • You will then get a chance to review guidelines for completing the assessment form on the website.
  • The first form, “Applicant and Transaction,” asks for information on the applicant, the property, and the transaction.
  • You will see a new screen where you must fill out the seller’s information after saving the form. If it is a shared property, then you must fill the names of all sellers.
  • A final screen where you must choose the registration office or location where you want to register the deed will appear once you save the form. Choose the appropriate office, then create your query number. For the presentation of deeds and the payment of stamp duty, this inquiry number will be utilized.

2. Pay the Registration Fee and Stamp Duty.

  • Once you’ve finished filling out the e-assessment form, return to the homepage. Select the payment option for stamp duty.
  • Provide the query year and query number. If there is a refund that needs to be credited, you must input the buyer’s bank information here.
  • Submit the information. You will see a pop-up asking you to approve the transfer to the state government’s payment system.
  • You will redirect to the government receipt portal system on the finance department’s website. Decide between tax payments and other sources of income. Select the department category, “Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue,” and then choose the service “Payment of Stamp Duty.”
  • Enter the name of the depositor, the inquiry number, and any other necessary details.
  • Continue with the money and payment information.
  • Use net banking to make the payment. Make a note of the government reference number for further use.
  • Set up a deed registration appointment by entering the inquiry number and year.
  • All of the information you provide on the online form will be verified by a registering office. Bring the original documents and the certified copies with you.
  • Give your fingerprint and signature, along with scanned-copy of your deed.
  • Your deed, with the digital signature by the registrar, will be provided after the application has been confirmed.

How has CREDAI Simplified the Flat Registration Process in Kolkata?

By making Indian Real Estate organized and forward-thinking, CREDAI seeks to change the real estate industry in India. To protect consumer interests and advance fair trade in the real estate market, this organization collaborates with stakeholders, government agencies, policymakers, investors, financial companies, consumers, and real estate players.

It outlines a few standards and guidelines that each CREDAI member must adhere to. The majority of developers and builders are CREDAI members. Hence, they have specific to aid in bringing consistency to the policies and procedures used by developers and builders across the nation.

Hence, credibly reduces the risk and ensures safety and security.


What is the online registration site for flats in Kolkata?

You can visit www.wbregistration.gov.in for online registration of flats in Kolkata.

Do they need address proof at the time of registration?

Yes, you are required to submit your address proof along with your government-approved id. 

What is CREDAI?

Builders and developers in India founded the CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India) association to self-regulate the real estate development industry.

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