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Do you know the contemporary formula of modern kitchen designs?

Eclectic, minimalistic and effortless – these are the major epithets for a millennials’ decor. People looking for luxurious and spacious kitchens want everything to be en perfecto.

The kitchen is an extension of you. The morning always shows the day and your beaut sleep at night emanates from a sumptuously glee dine (& wine).

You need more than just a make-do kitchen. What you need is a minimalist modern scullery.

Above and beyond, you are simply not getting into just an apartment; it’s going to be your new home.

Every corner should reflect your personal preferences and must be designed as per your conveniences. So, as you click through the innumerous premium estate hub pages online, know why this inevitably sweet city is your ultimate choice.

Coupled with modern day amenities to make your life comfortable and expedient, these housing projects have been designed with a personalised touch while leaving just enough room for you to have your sportive mind run wild!

From storage hacks for your bedroom to utilitarian simplicity for your kitchen or a regal bathing corner, the onus is on you to scale your décor imagination to the next heaven!

‘The sky is the limit no more.’

Give your soon-to-be-home a personal touch – Kitchen shenanigans

Minimalism is ‘in’ these days, and it can find expression in your kitchen décor with just as much aplomb. Infusing a personal style to create a utilitarian harmony, this is what the top designing houses are working on.

Especially, the kitchen is something that many affluent buyers always work upon the most. Majority of them go for a modular kitchen that is construed with high-end appliances along with cabinets. Granite countertops are still a favourite apart from the latest fad for glass.

So, how does the contemporary functional kitchen look like?

Kitchen floor designs

Ignoring the kitchen floor is a sin. Sure, it’s not hardwood, but on the other hand, you do not have to settle for tiles as well. Get truly creative and select the right texture, patterns and colour. Nowadays, the industrial-styled style is the new statement for luxury kitchen design ideas. Checkerboard patterned kitchen floors flaunt off a sophisticated polish. Let them recreate the organised modernist chaos!

Two floors beat One

Hexagonal patterns on mosaic tiles (if you go for tiles) divided into two contrasting designs invokes a much-necessary something-out-of-nothing aura. It is unexpected in its demeanour, and shows off a minimalistic statement throughout. Neatly organised counter toolbars, steel tabletop surface and a pastel tone on the walls make it a stunner.

Go for impactful lighting

Did you know that pendants over your kitchen counter or a table island quip for a soothing atmosphere?

Choose these impactful lighting decoys that take your guests’ eyes away from the clutter. Clever trick indeed, you can put three pendants together or even opt for a single one. Large pendants add a certain old world charm to balance the entire stupor of modernism.

Cosy conversation coupe

Often in kitchens with large open floors, substantial space is wasted for not being properly utilised. You can transform this unused space easily into a small-yet-comfy sitting spot, a laid-back bohemian touch to one of the busiest places of your apartment.

Right appliances to fit in

Instead of going for a metal refrigerator or say a dishwasher, you can choose appliances that are panel-ready. This keeps the kitchen from looking jarring and a lot less utilitarian. Personalise your kitchen to accommodate every single appliance under the counter.

Artistic kitchen island

Modern kitchen designs ask you to be creative with your kitchen island. Paint this area or use Aztec paint patterns to give it a special effect. This is the central place that catches most of the attention, so perking it up won’t be judged!

A gazillion ideas can wiggle in your head when you imagine a novel beginning at your new home. Going for a rustic look or the classic vintage style – luxury kitchen design ideas are innumerable. Statement stoves, open shelving, smart storage, exciting floor patterns, soothing light fixtures are pertinent factors to note when you start off.

Modern day oasis – Kitchen space to kill for!

Kitchen appliances and gadgets are ever-increasing and fitting them articulately within contemporary kitchens is an art. Modern kitchen designs protrude streamlined styling touched minimalism. The elegant tap ware, glass display cabinets or carved wooden cabinetry are setting the trend today.

Adding to this list, stainless steel bench tops and the glass splash backs can give your kitchen space a contrasting industrial vibe. Solid and spacious is what you need to delve recreate the organised chaos that is a kitchen.

For any homemaker, a kitchen is where it all starts, an oasis pervading tranquillity into its every pore.

‘It all starts with a breakfast and a smile.’

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