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By Pratik Balasaria
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CREDAI Bengal (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India- Bengal) is the bridge between real estate developers and consumers. But it functions in a unique manner. It is not just any random consultancy but a community for the developers to come together and understand the demands of this industry. 

Kolkata is one of the thriving cities of West Bengal in terms of real estate growth. There are a lot of builders in the city currently working towards revamping the lifestyle of people with top-notch residential and commercial properties in Kolkata

CREDAI Bengal promotes Kolkata’s real estate investment potential and is trying to expand this industry outreach to all of West Bengal. So, this article is all about giving you a glimpse at how rooted CREDAI Bengal is with the property builders and the real estate industry of West Bengal.  

What is CREDAI Bengal?

real estate home developers of Kolkata

CREDAI Bengal is a union that brings together the top real estate home developers of Kolkata, West Bengal. 

Moreover, it is an advocacy group comprising all property developers of West Bengal, implementing projects on urban housing, commercial development, and social infrastructure. 

The job of CREDAI Bengal is to discuss these real estate initiatives with Government agencies to tackle the issues related to the development of such projects. Hence, they strive to promote the real estate development potential of the state and prove it as a worthy investment hub. 

This union organizes several events and programs to promote communication among consumers and the real estate industry. Hence, it is to ensure that the developers know what the consumers expect regarding residential or commercial development. 

Following that, CREDAI Bengal also spreads the word and encourages the associated developers’ ongoing and upcoming real estate projects. They also organise knowledge-sharing programs for the stakeholders to be aware of their status in the market. 

Objective: Real Estate Developers in Kolkata 

The objective of CREDAI Bengal is to build a relationship between the real estate industry and the Government of the state. So, the end expectation of the union is to build a positive rapport between these two sectors for the collective growth of the state. 

CREDAI also motivates the development of commercial and housing projects in Kolkata, West Bengal, by implementing various measures. Some of them include upskilling the construction workers, organising health check-ups, and seeking their registration under all Government benefits. 

Not just that, but CREDAI also aims to tackle social causes by preparing remedies such as tree plantations, citizen welfare schemes and cyclone relief measures. 

The prime aim of CREDAI Bengal is to build a community of property developers in West Bengal that are responsible and responsive to their duties. Following that, the objective is to ensure that all real estate decisions taken for the state are associated with the interests of the consumers or end users. 

Following that, this community will also be looking after all the customers’ grievances throughout their property-buying process. As a result, all of their needs are to be addressed with proper solutions, and CREDAI Bengal is trying to make this community capable of handling that aspect. 

PS Group: One of the Top CREDAI Builders in Kolkata

PS Group has been the thriving key of Kolkata that has skyrocketed the real estate industry in the state. In addition to that, it is one of the top CREDAI builders in the city and all of West Bengal. 

At PS Group, we have introduced many new residential projects in Kolkata, among the posh locations of the city. Following that, we have retail and commercial properties available for sale in the city’s most crowded places, making it a worthy pick for business and retail store owners. 

CREDAI Bengal has recognised the enthusiasm and motivation of PS Group towards developing the fate of real estate in Kolkata and all across the state. Therefore, we are proud of being awarded at CREDAI Bengal Realty Awards 2019 for various PS Group projects and milestones. They are:

  1. Panache– Best Completed Mid-Segment Housing Project
  2. 7Loudon- Best Completed Luxury Housing Project
  3. Zen- Best Completed Luxury Housing Project
  4. The Address (Office Block)- Best Completed Commercial Project
  5. The Qube, in 2019- Best Completed Commercial Project
  6. One10– Best Upcoming Mid-Segment Residential Project
  7. 6Rawdon- Best Upcoming Luxury Residential Project
  8. Reserve- Best Upcoming Luxury Residential Project
  9. Eternis- Best Upcoming Residential Project

CREDAI Bengal is the Apex Body of Real Estate

It is true that CREDAI Bengal is the apex body of the real estate industry in West Bengal. This union is working with the property developers for the end consumers. Moreover, they are taking up complex jobs for the industry to make it seamless for the real estate developers. It will help them bring in more urban housing, commercial and social infrastructure solutions. 

They collaborate with the Government to achieve the necessary policies and essentials. As a result, the builders get the green signal to kick in the development of affordable homes. Hence, this initiative is to make homes for a large number of people in a small span of time. Moreover, CREDAI is also committed to making it easy for real estate stakeholders to conduct business around the trade. 


Who are the Members of CREDAI Bengal?

All the individual property builders or developers of the city or state are part of the CREDAI Bengal association. One needs to write an application to the State Secretariat to be part of CREDAI Bengal. 

What is the Vision of CREDAI Bengal?

CREDAI Bengal wants to promote real estate development in Kolkata and all of West Bengal at a fast scale. As the demand scale is rising, developers must come together to understand consumers’ expectations. And CREDAI Bengal is just the missing link to connect all the dots for a smoother execution of property developments. 

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