How to convert sqft to sqm - Square feet to Square meter conversion
By Pratik Balasaria

Let us understand these two units of measurement, square meter and square feet and how they are used in property measurement. We will also understand how to convert sqm to sqft. While a sqm to sqft calculator is available easily, sqm to sqft conversion is a useful skill to have. For example when you are looking at properties in Kolkata, knowing the measurement of the plot in terms of square feet can help in calculating the price of the property.

Sqft to Sqm Conversion Table

The following table show sqft to sqm conversion.

Square MeterSquare Feet
1 sq m10.764 sq ft
2 sq m21.528 sq ft
3 sq m32.291 sq ft
4 sq m43.055 sq ft
5 sq m53.819 sq ft
6 sq m64.583 sq ft
7 sq m75.347 sq ft
8 sq m86.111 sq ft
9 sq m96.875 sq ft
10 sq m107.639 sq ft

How to Convert Sqm to Sqft

sqft to sqm

To convert a unit of sqft to sqm, all you would need to is multiply the former with 10.764. 

The formula for sqft to sqm conversion is;

Sq ft = sq m * 10.764

A sqm to sqft calculator is useful to make such calculations quickly and accurately. Contrarily, a square feet unit is converted to a square meter unit by dividing the former with 0.092903.

Lets understand this with an example by converting 120 sqm to sqft:
120 sq m = 1,291.66925 sq ft

Lets take another example and convert 1200 sqft to sqm:
1,200 sq ft = 111.483648 sq m

What is square meter?

A unit of area measurement, square meter is used across the world to measure two dimensional spaces. This could be a space such as a field or floor. Square meter is globally accepted as the standard international unit of area. For this reason square meter is used as a measurement unit in real estate quite frequently. 

When buying property it can be useful to know what is square meter and how to convert sqft to sqm. A square meter is often referred to as sq.m. or M2 and is a measuring unit of area equivalent to a one meter on each side. The area of any space can be measured in square meter by finding its length and breadth in meters and multiplying the two measurements. 

For example the area of a field with length 14 meters and breadth 12 meters is 168 m2 or 14 multiplied by 12. One square meter is equivalent to 10.76391042 square feet. Or 1 sqm to sqft is equal to 10.76391042.

What is Square Feet?

When talking about converting sqft to sqm, it is also important to understand what is square feet. 

Defined as the area of a square with sides of 1 foot, a square foot is a non-metric unit commonly used around the world to measure property. Mainly apartments and flats. In India sq ft is most commonly used for area measurement, especially real estate. The unit is more specifically used to denote the following areas of a flat or an apartment – 

  1. Carpet area: This is the total area used for laying carpet inside the home, excluding the inner walls and pillars
  2. Built-up area: This is the total area including the walls and balcony (if any).
  3. Super built up area: This is the total built up area along with other common areas like stairs, elevators, lobby etc. The super built up area can also include clubhouses, gardens, swimming pools etc. in a building.

Why is sqft to sqm conversion important?

It is the most commonly used unit of measurement in countries like India, US, Canada and the UK. Square feet is the standard benchmark used in Indian real estate market. In 2016, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act mandated that developers and promoters use square feet as a standard unit for flat or apartment measurement. Which is why it is necessary to learn sqm to sqft conversion. Thus keep in mind how to convert sqft to sqm.

This was done because the maximum number of cases registered in consumer courts were against developers on the issue of cheating. Vis a vis the size of the flat. According to the provisions of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) the developer needs to inform buyers of the carpet area. The price needs to be quoted based on this and not the super built up area.

Owing to the vast geographic area of India, land measurement units vary greatly from one region to another. Thus making square feet the standard measurement unit will help regularise and streamline the process. It is thus important to know sqm to sqft conversion.

Square foot has several abbreviations including sq.ft., sf, and ft2 while the term square feet is used to denote plural.

Across geographies, square foot is an imperial unit used to measure area. It is used to map the area at the time of property purchases.. Countries where the usage of square foot is most common includes India, the US, the UK, Bangladesh, Canada. It is also commonly used is Ghana, Hong Kong, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Singapore.

Using sqft to sqm conversion in real estate

Square foot is the most commonly used unit to denote space in real estate in India. When looking at the flats in Kolkata price, square foot is how the price is calculated. The area of apartment unit is typically provided in square foot terms. After which the cost of the property is calculated based on this unit of measurement. Thus knowing sqm to sqft conversion can help in the process of calculating property price. When understanding the price of flats in Kolkata, it is essential to know the measurement in terms of square feet.


What are the most common land measurement units in India? 

Hectares, acres, square meters and square yards are some of the common land measurement units used across India. While Bigha and Marla are commonly used in the North, terms such as Cent, Guntha and Ground belong to the South. Depending upon the names of the units, their sizes also vary from State to State. When looking at flats in Kolkata for buy, knowing the land measurement is essential.

How much is sqft to sqm?

1 Square Feet = 0.092903 Square Meter.

Which are globally accepted land measurement units?

The globally accepted land measurement units are Square feet (sq ft), Square yard, Square meter (sq m), Acre, and Hectare.

How much is 1200 sqft to sqm?

1,200 sq ft = 111.483648 sq m

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