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“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”

The world, at present, is evidently high-tech. Very soon, the Internet is going to be declared as a fundamental right. Sure, we all need the Internet. But what about the right to a meaningful connection with nature?

It is scientifically proven that we, human, suffer when we withdraw from nature. Have you ever wondered why we automatically gravitate to photographs of nature? Most of us, who are on Instagram, tend to follow pages that have images of the wild, the Savannah, forests, oceans, the Northern Lights and the icy north and south poles. Why do we wish to live in houses that open to a majestic view of mountains or the sea? Why do we still prefer planning our holidays to destinations that are not cities? This is because human beings share a spiritual connection with nature. Nature heals. When we look at mountains and attempt to soak in all the brilliance of the towering peaks, it does more than just calm us down. It soothes our souls and helps us resolve the chaos that occupies our minds. We feel refreshed inside out.

Research shows that patients recover faster when the windows of their hospital rooms open to a view of trees and not bricks. Spending time amidst nature has proven to be effective in relieving depression, anxiety, stress and anger. Nature is also known to boost memory and creative abilities in individuals. At the University of Michigan, researchers demonstrated that, after just an hour of interacting with nature, memory performance and attention spans improved by 20%. It is also proven that workplaces that include nature in their setting have more productive employees.

Reconnecting with nature in this fast life will take practice, especially now since most of us live in buildings that have no space for nature. What if we could live in a home that would help us experience nature in ways that nurtures us?

Imagine an urban refuge with unobstructed views of the wetlands and beyond. A life that is ONE half a relaxation swathe and ONE half a vibrant playground for a community of happy faces.

Wake up to the medley of bird songs, bathe in the warmth of the morning sun, breathe fresh air scented with newly mowed grass, experience the intangible bond with life all around you, reconnect with Mother Earth.

Sip coffee on your balcony overlooking the wetlands or have breakfast at the open air cafeteria enveloped with greens away from your computer screens and smartphones.

Observe transformation in nature every day as you jog or walk along the nature trail enveloped by tall trees. Watch the little ones chase dragon flies and butterflies or naturally explore the diverse range of flora and fauna.

Spend moments of calm spotting rare migratory birds, meditating at the expansive gardens, or sharing your favorite stories by the bamboo groove. Bird watching gives us a chance to marvel at the tiniest details that nature takes care of. It inspires us to be creative and opens up our minds.

Stroll bare foot on grass, sink your feet into the turf, feeling dewy leaves of the shrubs, the softness or their edges. Wake up early, go outside and feel the warmth of the early rays of the sun. Soak up some vitamin D while doing yoga overlooking the pool.

Full moon nights are filled with incredible beauty that we should always be grateful for. Take a walk outside on a full moon night. Unwind your senses, uncluttered your mind, and heal yourself at the acupressure track.

This is luxury, especially in concrete jungles. We hardly have a choice to live in a home that is surrounded with open spaces. Not anymore.

Replenish your weary soul with the healing potions of the sweeping landscape of ONE10, cascading from podium roof to ground and sprawling a whopping 5 acres.

The gardens of ONE10 feature a wide array of vegetation. The mesmerizing canvas of colors of the flora and fauna brightens everyone’s day. Watching wildlife triggers curiosity about the natural world in children, creating environmental awareness and sparking a child’s interest in paving a better future for our planet.

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