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By Pratik Balasaria
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The real estate sector provides alluring opportunities for investment. Traditionally, there are two categories that offer the scope of investment— commercial and residential real estate. While commercial property refers to commercial office space, including warehouses, office buildings, retail buildings, commercial shops, and in general has a mix of office and apartments; residential real estate has property options for residential purposes, these include condos, duplexes, single-family homes, townhouses, among others. 

If you are planning to invest in commercial property on sale, you must first understand that the process is very different from investing in residential property. The buyer needs to consider several important factors such as location, quality of the building, market dynamics, property documentation, market rent, lease structure, interior fit-outs, among others. 

Investing and buying commercial property may seem intimidating at first—fret not. In the following, we will help you make long-term investment options in commercial property on sale.  

If you are looking for ‘commercial property for sale near me,’ remember location is the key. Commercial property investments depend on two important factors— rent and capital appreciation; the success in these two avenues depends on the location of the property. While investing in commercial property on sale, choose locations that offer vacancy which is less than 5%. 

The percentage indicates two things— the tenants are less likely to vacate, and the supply is in check. Commercial property buyers can thus guarantee higher rents and capital appreciation through such a setting. Furthermore, a high vacancy location will also give you the chance to renegotiate rents.  

Commercial property for sale booms in New Town Kolkata

Flats on Sale in New Town: commercial property market of Kolkata

With Kolkata pegged as one of the fastest-growing cities in India, the number of full-time working professionals in the city is rising. The superfluity of IT hubs mushrooming around the city is evidence of Kolkata’s fast pace development. Today, there is no dearth of commercial property on sale in Kolkata, especially within the IT residential hubs of the city. This should make your choice of buying commercial property in the city easier, especially in Kolkata’s Newtown. Let’s dive in—

Newtown is home to vast swathes of business centers, as well as for commercial and residential properties. Five times larger in size than Salt Lake, Newtown boasts of some of the best business parks and well-developed infrastructure, providing lucrative scope for investment in commercial property. Furthermore, Newtown is the preferred choice for IT corporations such as Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro, among others.

One of the examples is the Grade A business park, Abacus. It sprawls along a spacious green area with a central landscaped plaza and 65% open spaces. The coveted commercial property offers 319 offices, 18 showrooms, and 1 banquet. Located in prime New Town, Action Area II, Abacus offers all the benefits of commercial property buying. 

Kolkata is also becoming a preferred alternative for start-ups, thus contributing to the rise in the signboards of ‘for sale commercial property’ in the area. This change is followed by major infrastructural developments in the city, especially in the IT hubs. For instance, in addition to the sprawling areas of office spaces, and residential properties, several luxurious hotels such as Novotel, Westin, Lemon Tree Premier hotel are enhancing the social fabric of the New Town.

Why invest in commercial property in New town?

Flats on sale in New Town: invest in commercial property

Let’s take a closer look into the several advantages of investing in commercial property in Newtown

Strategic Location

Before zeroing in on a commercial property, it is necessary to study the trends and demographics for the area. Newtown falls under the preferred micro-market for commercial leasing, purchase, and commercial property investments. It will be a long time before Newtown will begin to show saturation in the market. Presently, it ensures a robust cash flow in commercial property on sale.

Flats on Sale in New Town: Abacus

Abacus is located in the heart of Newtown, Action area II, and offers a higher scope for rental income and commercial leasing. If ‘commercial property for sale near me’ is one of your top Google searches and you wish to evaluate the potential of the commercial property, make sure to check the parameters like proposed infrastructure, proximity to key hubs, accessibility, proposed and upcoming infrastructure developments, among others. You will find New Town ticks all the boxes on the high-end location parameter. 

Connectivity for marketability

Commercial property buyers bank on earning higher returns for the future. Since the commercial property is widely employed for business activities, easy connectivity to transportation ensures swift and easy business transactions and adds to the marketability of the property.  

The city of Newtown is well developed via roadways and the upcoming metro line 6 from New Garia to the airport further connects it to the other prime locations in the city. Moreover, the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose international airport is only a 19-minute drive away. In addition to the well-established transport systems, infrastructure development, accessibility to key hubs and warehouses, proximity to airport, railway station, and ports, makes Newtown an ideal asset for commercial property as an investment in real estate micro-markets and ensures lucrative commercial leasing. 

Scope for sustainable and developmental efforts

With environmental pollution rising to alarming levels, the Government of Kolkata is taking strict measures to invest in eco-friendly and sustainable buildings. New Town was awarded the ‘Platinum-rated Green City Certificate’ in August 2020 by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), a prestigious honour conferred previously only to four other cities— Chennai, Amravati, Rajkot, and Dholera. 

A shift in the working principles of structural engineers, architects, and stakeholders is undertaken for sale commercial property in New Town Kolkata. It therefore offers a wide scope for developmental changes and promises long-term impacts of e-commerce on consumer demand. 

Abacus by PS Group has worked in tandem with the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) to adopt green construction practices. Energy-efficient lights in the common area, a grid-tie solar power generator, electric vehicle charging points in the parking area, roof tiles with high solar reflective index, low volatile compound paints, and sustainable building material to minimize the room temperature are some of the green features that add to the value of the commercial office spaces in Abacus. 

Let’s understand why is Abacus by PS Group makes for a wise investment in commercial property—

Quality of the building enhances market portfolio 

While investing in commercial property, the quality of the building is an underlying factor. Even if there are two buildings in the same location, the one boasting a better quality will always be rented first. Furthermore, higher quality sale commercial property is more liquid as they get sold faster. 

Given the high quality of Abacus by PS Group, it attracts tenants who are willing to pay a premium for quality. Abacus has 8 elevators and an A2 tier basement parking facility. More elevators, lavish lobbies, panoramic views, higher ceiling heights in the lobby are some of the qualities that fetch better tenant retention, along with higher rents and higher capital appreciation, thus making Abacus a coveted investment in commercial property. 

State-of-art amenities impact demand

It is always a good idea to invest in properties that offer convenient facilities and amenities. A great location is not enough if you are planning to buy commercial property on sale for higher returns. You should also look for facilities and amenities as per the size of the commercial property for sale. Ample two-wheeler & four-wheeler parking, multiple elevators across entry & exit points, well-stocked dining and cafeteria options, 24/7 power-back-up, proficient & professional security, et cetera are important points of consideration to be vetted at the time of short-listing.

Abacus by PS Group offers a banquet hall, CFC free air conditioners has planned orientation for ample natural light and ventilation, hot & cold water line provision, and treated fresh air within the premises. In addition, the property is under CCTV surveillance. An exhaustive fire detection and prevention system enhances the security features of the property. Fire-exits and fire hydrant systems in common areas also ensure the safety of residents within the premises. Smoke detectors and sprinklers allure high-end tenants and investors. 

Green features enhance its investment portfolio

With environmental pollution rising to alarming levels, the Government of Kolkata is taking strict measures to invest in eco-friendly and sustainable buildings. 

In closing 

The proposition of investing in commercial property can be appealing to real estate investors. Apart from the alluring prospect of higher returns, it gives you the chance to broaden your client pool and your business interests. 

Commercial property as investment works differently than investment in residential real estate. Leases take longer, the process of finding tenants takes longer, and renovations and construction may also take longer than anticipated. It is therefore important to maintain a balance between staying patient as well as vigilant to market demands. In addition, make sure to study the wherewithal of the commercial market, including rent, vacancy, competition, legal implications to make sound market decisions.

Abacus by PS Group, poses a unique opportunity for creating an incoming generating real estate asset in the prime business district of Kolkata. Reach out to our sales team at [email protected] or call us at +91 33 6767 6767 to get a quote today.

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