PS Invictus- Commercial Office Space in South Kolkata At Its Finest
By Pratik Balasaria
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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe are excited to go back to their offices. The sense of unity and work environment that an office space provides is lost in the work-from-culture. Modern real estate developers of commercial office space in south Kolkata have taken up the challenge to welcome businesses back to offices in the most lavish way possible. One such example is PS Invictus and the variety of amenities it provides.

What is PS Invictus?

PS Invictus is a commercial office space in south kolkata at the heart of lower Rowdon street. Its location makes it highly accessible while still lending the office space some calm in the noise. PS Invictus comprises G+4 storeys filled to the brim with amenities that your business needs. The ground, 1st, and 2nd floor of this commercial space in Kolkata is alloted for retail businesses while the 3rd and 4th floor exclusively serve as office spaces.

Amenities at PS Invictus’ commercial office space in south Kolkata 

commercial office space in south kolkata

The well-thought-out amenities at PS Invictus make sure that you do not miss out on luxury even when you are at work.

Safety And Security Of This Commercial Office Space In South Kolkata

  1. Retractable gates
    Gone are the days for you and your employees to stare at a gate’s opening for minutes each time someone wants to come in or out of your commercial office space in south kolkata. Retractable gates offer a simple solution, with no need to wait for any gate to open, retract, or close. You can take control of your workspace again without the hassle of manual opening, closing, or waiting.
  2. CCTV Camera
    PS Invictus has helped many businesses work stress-free with more peace of mind with secure high-quality, low-cost workhorse CCTV cameras. With high-definition video, infrared night vision, and a variety of other great features, you will never be more protected at this commercial office space in south kolkata.
  3. Security Cabin
    The perfect way to make your office space feel safe and secure. The security cabin is perfect for protection from kidnappings, home invasion, and vandalism. With a security cabin installed in your home’s yard, you can rest assured that your family will be taken care of.
  4. Fire-rated door at fire escape staircase
    In the event of a fire, the last thing you want to do is find your way through heavy smoke with no visibility. That’s where a fire escape door comes in – to help you and your team escape a building quickly and safely.
  5. Fire detection system
    Detecting fire and alerting the firefighters has never been so easy. With the fire detection system, you can work with full focus and feel safe knowing that.
  6. Fire hydrant system in common areas
    Keep your staff hydrated throughout the day while they focus hard on the work at hand.
  7. Manual call points with hooters in common areas
    Communicate essential announcements and news right where the employees are with manual call points across this commercial office space in south Kolkata.
  8. Smoke detectors & sprinklers
    Stay safe from any accidental fires with automatic sprinklers and smoke detectors.
  9. Seismic sensors in elevators
    Seismic sensors help detect and protect against the risk of earthquakes. They are equipped with detecting units, seismometers, and vibration sensors.

Energy Conservation at This Commercial Office Space In South Kolkata

  1. Energy-efficient lights in common areas
    Work while staying energy efficient with lights and commodities that are designed to save more power.
  2. Grid-tie solar power generation
    Go green with solar-generated power supply for your daily office requirements.
  3. Low water & energy consumption
    At PS Invictus, the real estate developers have applied various measures across the facility to ensure optimum usage of water and energy and do our part in environmental conservation.
  4. Made with energy-efficient materials
    Most new materials being used in tech devices are carbon-based. To avoid the toxic effect on the environment and humans, we are using a new technology that is more environmentally friendly. This material is more durable and sustainable than carbon-based materials.

Occupational Health & Comfort

  1. Low VOC paints
    Even if you’re doing your best, you might be unknowingly pumping toxic fumes into the air from your walls. Low VOC paints are specially formulated to emit fewer chemicals into the atmosphere and provide a healthy, protective coating for your walls.
  2. Building orientation planned for ample natural light and ventilation
    With natural light and air, we can live healthier lives and work longer. This is why our office spaces in Kolkata facilitate the most ventilated and well-lit working areas.
  3. Use of native plants for landscape
    Office plants will beautify your office space while providing safety and security to your office.

Commercial office space in south Kolkata for the smart business-owner

The proposition of investing in commercial property can be appealing to various business owners. Apart from the alluring prospect of higher returns, it gives you the chance to broaden your client pool and your business interests.

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