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If there are just two words that we would like you to remember, they would be: ‘Never Safe.’

Did you know? 13 of the 20 most polluted global cities…in India. Those daring to breathe deep in an Indian metropolis are actually smoking the equivalent of 5 cigarettes a day.

According to the US Embassy & Consulate that monitors particulate matter emission around the globe, Kolkata’s Particulate matter emission count shot up to a scary 565 at 5am on 17th Feb 2018 which was 9 times more than the permissible limit of 60, and higher than any other city in the world at the time. The count was more than double the highest count clocked by Delhi on the same day.

The World Health Organisation, has reported that the average air pollution level in Kolkata is high and the air purity level is low.

Later, a health assessment was undertaken with 100 participants areas with different ambient air pollution levels. The survey showed that 85% of the respondents suffered from respiratory diseases whereas only 15% suffered from waterborne diseases.  Acute respiratory infections chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases upper track respiratory infection, Influenza and acid fast bacillus were some of the common diseases suffered by the respondents. Although the pollution level has been recorded as critical, only 39.3% of the respondents have felt that outdoor (air) pollution has affected their health.

The big question: How then can we protect our lungs? (wearing a mask or a kerchief around the nose could be non-glamorous and perhaps even ineffective).

The simplest option would be to lock the windows and verandah door to keep the foul air out, except that by re-breathing perpetually exhaled carbon dioxide we would be creating another problem.

There is an alternative: buy an indoor air purifier.

There was a resistance to buying an air-purifier because we always told ourselves that this appeared to be an exaggerated response to external pollution.

Think again. An increasing number of pulmonologists are quietly prescribing an air purifier.

Because it makes a difference (breathe better, sleep better, live better).
Because one air purifier can effectively protect for eight sleep hours, which is half your daily waking time
Because the purifier effectively counters indoor pollution (allergens, dust, pollen, dust mites, pet hair and odours).
Because air purifiers function effectively like lungs, sucking air and passing through a filter that traps even fine particulates.
Because this has proved beneficial for those with (or at risk of) asthma and allergies.

The big question: How do you establish that you actually need a purifier?

Easy A simple reading (particulate matter 2.5) on a small pollution meter will establish whether you need one.


“The air purifier made a big difference”
-Nikhil Gupta, Entrepreneur, 31 Southern Avenue

“I bought an air-purifier.
“I was aware that it is difficult to validate the utility of such equipment.
“I installed one in my bedroom – jo hoga dekha jaayega, I said.
“Most spend the least when it comes to our respiratory health.
“I noticed two changes within the first two months – my wife and I began to sleep deeper, we awoke refreshed and we felt better through the day.
“If you put a value on days lost due to ill-health, then the air-purifier pays for itself a number of times over.”

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