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By Pratik Balasaria
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Bara Bazar Kolkata, India’s largest wholesale market, was once a market for yarn and textiles during British rule. Merchants of yarn and cloth thrived in this area; individuals like Shobharam Bysack, who supplied textiles to the British East India Company, became millionaires. 

This market has withstood numerous fires throughout the years, both recent and historic (Siraj-Ud-Daulah had set fire to the bazaar in 1756). At its height, it was rumored that you could find anything and everything here, from English broadcloth and cashmere silk to Ceylonese ivory and Tibetan cow tails!

It is referred to as “Barobazar” in Bengali and was named after Shiva because that word is also used to refer to him. It was called “Bara” by the Hindi-speaking traders who drove out the older native traders

You won’t know what to look at first because there is so much to see here. Howrah Bridge and the magnificent historic warehouses of Strand Road are nearby. You will occasionally catch a glimpse of the Hooghly river. Additionally, visit Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata’s biggest mosque, which is located close to Burrabazar on Zakariya Street and the Rabindra Sarani crossing near Burrabazar market.

This area contains an Armenian Street and a Church of the Holy Nazareth, which was constructed in 1724 on a former Armenian cemetery. Iranian -Armenian architect Levon constructed it. Keep an eye out for the three oil paintings, one of which depicts the Last Supper, as well as the mural tablets in the overhead gallery.

So make sure to visit them, if you are visiting Bara Bazar market, these places will make your trip a holistic one.

Where to Shop in Bara Bazar?

It won’t be too incorrect if we use the phrase “shop till you drop” literally to Burra Bazar. This vast shopping district in Kolkata, India, has drawn customers with its variety and low pricing since the 19th century. In Bara Bazar, there is nothing you cannot purchase. The streets have everything, from purchasing festive attire for your wardrobe to locating stylish furniture for your living area. Here is our shopping guide for everything available at Bara Bazar.

1. Satyanarayan AC Market

You can shop in comfort underground thanks to The AC Market!  The city’s underground shopping district offers a wide variety of shoes, jewelry, and ethnic clothing. Diwali excitement has swept over the market these days, and every store is offering fantastic deals that you cannot miss.

2. Banstalla & Kalakaar Street

Narrow, almost impossible to pass through, and Kolkatans are rushing by the stores like mad! Why else would they not? This well-known Burra Bazar market area is home to numerous saree businesses and offers discounted clothes for all age groups. It’s regularly visited for reasons other than just the clothing brand. Fruits, Chinese lanterns, and some rather odd gifts.

Top Hotels in Bara Bazar

The top hotels in Bara Bazar, Kolkata, are listed below. The five solutions described below are affordable, starting at just Rs. 1639, and they meet a variety of needs you might have. Choose one of the top accommodations in Bara Bazar, Kolkata, from the list below, and prepare for a memorable stay!

  • The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata
  • The Oberoi Grand
  • The Park Kolkata
  • Kolkata Pride Plaza Hotel
  • The Peerless Inn
  •  Sapphire Suites
  • Treebo Diamond Plaza

So, if you have already fallen in love with the Bara Bazar market and now wish to shift permanently to Kolkata we recommend checking out PS group projects for an amazing apartment in Kolkata, a permanent stay in your own house.

Restaurants Near Bara Bazar

It is no surprise that this location of Bara Bazar market is a street food paradise given the large number of store owners and vendors in the area.- It features vendors serving almost every type of food, including chaat, jalebi, pav bhaji, chole kulche, ragda patties, matka kulfi, and Dahi kachori. The chillas, which are pancakes composed of green mung dal and flavored with ginger, chili, and hing, are something you simply must try. 

Visit the renowned Tiwari Brother for some hot, steaming chai and delicious samosas, and then indulge in the kesariya kulfi for dessert. Bapu tea stand is another well-known tea location.

Purchase a pack of the gaathiyas from Lakhuram Bhujiyawala, located “opposite Bapu tea shop,” before returning home. They specialize in making these fried strips of Rajasthani snack food.

You will also come across Haldirams to fulfill your food cravings. What more can you ask for?

Bara Bazar market features vendors serving almost every type of food, including chaat, jalebi, pav bhaji, chole kulche, ragda patties, matka kulfi, and Dahi kachori. The chillas, which are pancakes composed of green mung dal and flavored with ginger, chili, and hing, are something you simply must try. 

Things to Do in Bara Bazar Kolkata

The best method to determine where to go exploring is to ask the locals. Although there may be a language barrier, everyone in this area is exceedingly amiable. You chose to explore some well-known market areas, like Satyanarayan AC Market, Banstalla Street, Kalakar Street, and Bagree Market, as suggested by the locals.

If you’re new to the neighborhood and want to have a relaxing shopping experience at this underground market, Satyanarayan AC Market is the best option. Contrary to its name, the market is not as constricting as it may seem. In general, it includes stores that sell ethnic clothing and artificial jewelry, along with certain silver vendors.

Bastlla Street and Kalakar Street, in contrast to Satyanarayan AC Market, are extremely packed with tiny pathways spreading like the branches of a tree. As you enter, you will notice a wide variety of sarees and garment materials on both sides of the street in bright colors and embroidery. The streets are lined with stalls selling Chinese lanterns, fruits, souvenirs, and other shiny items in addition to clothing.

Amazing stores offering beautifully finished religious figurines can be found. There are also some fantastic Kurti stores, saree collections, menswear brands, and many other things. 

Bagri market hosts the city’s largest cracker fair as Diwali approaches. Let Bara Bazar be the start of your Diwali celebrations.

When in Bara Bazar Kolkata, Don’t Miss These Shops and Places

Before you head back home do not miss the shopping adventure, ethnicity, delicious food, and tons of products uniquely priced in Bara Bazar Kolkata. The experience here is worth a visit!


1. What can we eat when we visit the Bara Bazar market?

Though Bara Bazar offers an ample variety of dishes, the must-try ones are the moong dal chillas and Rajasthani snacks available here.

2. What are the popular places to visit near Bara Bazar?

You can visit Nakhoda mosque,  Howrah Bridge, and the magnificent historic warehouses of Strand Road nearby.

3. What is Bara Bazar famous for?

Bara Bazar is India’s largest wholesale market. It is famous for clothes, and accessories and has many good eating joints.

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