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By Chandan
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Your lookout for the best apartments for sale in Kolkata ends here. All you need is a few properties that are worthwhile for you to consider. 

There are several ongoing housing projects in Kolkata to cope with the real estate demands of the city. But at PS Group, we bring you the best thoughtful ones for a better choice. 

So, here is the list of top properties to satisfy your need for a luxury apartment in Kolkata

1. PS Vaanya

apartments in new town kolkata

If you intend to buy an apartment in New Town, Kolkata, PS Vaanya is one of the luxurious options standing strong in Action Area II. 

Blended in lush greenery and a fine standard of lifestyle is something PS Vaanya boasts about. Living among these greens touches your inner peace. The morning birds chirping and soothing the ambiance will rejuvenate you to wake up fresh every day. 

At Vaanya, you will live in an urban forest, which is a therapy architecture to enhance your well-being. Apart from the serene surroundings, PS Vaanya has also introduced several activity spaces and amenities to meet your necessities apart from luxury living. 

Availability of Flats:

  • 3 BHK flats for sale, starting at Rs. 1.98 Cr 
  • 4 BHK flats for sale, starting at Rs. 2.65 Cr 
  • 5 BHK flats for sale, starting at Rs. 4.27 Cr

2. PS Navyom

flats in new alipore

Behold yourself to be part of the new residential trend at New Alipore. These well-crafted 292 luxury flats in South Kolkata by Navyom, replicate the definition of luxury. More than 190 families are already part of the Navyom lifestyle.

PS Navyom is the biggest of all residential societies in New Alipore and Alipore. Being a stand-out property, Navyom has introduced extended living rooms in all of its apartments, which is again, the first time in Kolkata. 

It boasts extra-large balconies, a 50-meter Olympic swimming pool, a sports arena, and much more to add to the luxury quotient. Everything you need is within the gates of this society. If you intend to buy a 4 BHK flat in Kolkata, then Navyom offers you the option to have your private terrace alongside it. 

Availability of Flats/Duplexes:

  • 4 BHK flats for sale, starting at Rs. 2.70 Cr
  • 4 BHK- Terrace flats for sale, starting at Rs. 4.21 Cr
  • 6 BHK Duplex for sale, starting at Rs. 7.18 Cr

3. PS Aurus

luxury apartments on EM Bypass

Live in the high-rise luxury apartments on EM Bypass, and admire the stargazing sight of the city. It is well situated near ITC Sonar and JW Marriott, which defines the posh status of this property. Enjoy the serene beauty of wetlands and Mirania lake that surrounds PS Aurus

Health Club, sports court, sky lounge, clubhouse, and much more complement your comfortable livelihood in this society. The extra-large balconies make a perfect spot for you and your family to spend quality time watching the city’s skyline. 

Availability of Flats:

  • 3 BHK flats for sale, starting at Rs. 3.55 Cr
  • 4 BHK flats for sale, starting at Rs. 4.33 Cr
  • 5 BHK Duplex for sale, starting at Rs. 6.42 Cr

Let’s Redefine Luxury Together!

At PS Group, we understand the emotion that goes behind buying a house. When you have saved and are ready to invest your lifelong earnings, you should have the right options to pick from. To ensure you get a worthy lifestyle justifying the money you spend, we bring you these three marvelous properties in the posh regions of Kolkata. 

Get in touch, and allow us to give you a tour of these jaw-dropping sites that might one day possibly be your address. 


Are the prices mentioned inclusive of all taxes and additional charges?

Yes, the prices mentioned above include GST and all the extra charges usually part of apartment-buying procedures. The only charges you might have to bear are for the registration and stamp duty. 

What is the tentative date of delivery for under-construction properties?

There are different tentative delivery dates for all the projects at PS Group. You might have to get in touch with us to share your interest in a particular project, and we can help you with the tentative delivery date and everything else associated with it. 

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