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By Anmol Baid
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Are you worried about what would be the advocate fees for flat registration in Kolkata? Well, it might seem complex to understand, but it is a simple calculation. 

There is no legal rule regarding what lawyers should charge for registering your new apartment in Kolkata. It is just a general practice for advocates to charge around 1 or 2% of the property’s overall value. 

Still, a lot goes into this consideration, which we are about to enlighten further in this article. Follow on till the end! 

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If you are planning to buy an apartment from the top housing projects in Kolkata, then the property price is not the only thing you should be concerned about. 

You must get an insight into the mandatory rule of registering your property with the Government under the Registration Act. 

Registration and stamp duty charges are among the mandatory expenses that you have to bear while buying commercial or residential properties in Kolkata. In case of any dispute or fraudulent activity, your property will be safe only if they are legally registered. 

The process involves a lot of paperwork and takes a lot of effort and time. Well, hiring an advocate for the job makes this task easier. But, beyond the basic registration and stamp duty charges, you also have to pay the additional advocate fees for flat registration in Kolkata. 

Average Fee Of Advocates In Kolkata For Flat Registration

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After conducting rigorous research and connecting with several advocates in Kolkata, we came to a miscellaneous verdict. 

The advocate fees for flat registration in Kolkata vary from person to person. It depends on the expertise and nature of the lawyer. Some advocates ask for up to 4%, while others ask for as low as 0.75% of the property value. 

The registry and stamp duty charges are exempted from this fee. The average fee that an advocate charges for flat registration in Kolkata are between 1 to 2%, which is a reasonable payout when buying a flat in the city. 

Look Out For The Best Advocate Who Charges A Reasonable Fee! 

As you know, many new residential projects in Kolkata have their flats for sale. If you are to buy one, then you need to have in mind to bear some additional expenses that come along with the dream. 

You must know that the home loan does not cover the registration & stamp duty charges or the advocate fees. But you can always take a personal loan to cover these expenses. 

At PS Group, as we attend to your needs for the best commercial and residential properties in Kolkata, we can also help you with recommendations on connecting with the best lawyers in the city. Come have an easy home-buying experience with PS Group. 


What is the Registration Charge For Buying A Flat In Kolkata?

The registration charge for buying a flat in Kolkata is 1% of the total property value. The stamp duty charges vary, depending on the value of the property. If the property costs less than Rs. 25 lakhs, the stamp duty is 4%, whereas if it is above Rs.40 lakhs, the fee will be 5% of the total value. 

Can PS Group Help Us In Finding A Property Lawyer?

At PS Group, we do have connections with property advocates, who have helped our customers a long way to register their properties. We can connect you with them once we get into an association. 

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