5 reasons why you should consider buying a home in New Town
By Chandan
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Buying a home in New Town provides a host of advantages not found anywhere else in Kolkata. While other locations offer some benefits, New Town carries the near-perfect combination of all the key merits one seeks while choosing a suitable location. From nature to infrastructure, residential apartments in New Town provide the ideal world to live in with your family.

Residential apartments in New Town

Affordability is the present theme that is redefining the realty scenario in Kolkata. New Town is a fast-growing satellite township – and the locality is categorised as a Smart Green City. New Town is replete with multiple real investment options for the middle-class as well as the privileged home buyers. It offers ready to move and under-construction residential projects, with apartments in various sizes and prices. Affordable luxury homes have become the preferred choice in New Town. There are villas, duplexes, row houses, and high-rise residential apartment complexes for home buyers to choose from according to their needs. Residential apartments in New Town are reasonably-priced for middle-class families seeking budget-friendly homes. Compared to other posh areas in Kolkata, there are premium residential options for the higher income group available at relatively affordable rates.

IT and Business Hubs

New Town is where several IT companies, big corporate offices and major financial institutions are situated. Top-ranking companies such as Wipro, Cognizant, Unitech, DLF, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Genpact, and Hewlett-Packard have set up their offices in New Town. The presence of corporate offices makes it beneficial for employees to settle in the same locality, saving commute time and travel costs. Employees stay healthier and remain more productive at work. The presence of offices and business establishments creates a regular influx of people, making New Town buzz with activity and traffic.

Infrastructure and Smart City Features

The presence of multi-specialty hospitals addresses medical needs during emergencies. Staying in a locality where the best medical facilities are available 24×7 is a wise choice. Senior members and children need medical attention from time to time. New Town is likely to get its first e-health centre fully equipped with world-class facilities. Residential apartments in New Town are in demand because of advanced medical facilities available in the nearby areas such as EM Bypass and Salt Lake.

Entertainment is essential to beat stress in daily life. There are amusement parks for families, super markets, multiplex halls, shopping malls, fancy restaurants, star-rated hotels, spas, cultural hotspots and private clubs to offer multiple options for families to spend the weekend and chill out. Residential apartments in New Town have become a popular choice with the millennial generation because their lifestyle needs get fulfilled here.

Settling in New Town is beneficial for the education of children. There are reputed schools such as DPS in New Town. Besides, there are prestigious academic institutions such as St. Xavier’s University, Presidency University and Rabindra Bharati University. With leading schools and colleges located in New Town, the education needs are taken proper care of. Students do not have to travel far and waste valuable time. It helps them stay fresh and concentrate better to deliver better results.

Having found a berth in the list of cities chosen to receive financial assistance under Smart City Mission, there are unique features of the new township. Intelligent streetlights with panic buttons, dedicated cycling tracks, multi-nodal transport hub, GPS-enabled e-transport, bus shelters, solar panels in parks and play areas, new water treatment plants and wi-fi roads are some of the key highlights of the smart city project. Residential flats in New Town are likely to witness higher demand once these features become fully functional. Recently, New Town was enabled with a 10.5 km Wi-Fi zone connecting the main arterial road to the airport and Sector V, making it the first Wi-Fi road in India.


New Town offers smooth connectivity to other parts of the city. The locality has an efficient transport system connected with arterial roads and state highways. The easy availability of public transport – AC and Non-AC buses operated by private operators and government – makes it worth living here. There are other options like cabs and taxis, auto rickshaws and e-rickshaws to enhance the ease of commuters. With the East-West Metro corridor becoming a reality here, travelling from the Northern fringe to extreme South becomes a joyride, saving time and making it hassle-free.

For those who travel out of the city frequently, the proximity of New Town to Netaji International Airport offers a prime advantage. It is a big reason why home buyers seek residential flats in New Town. With a new airport proposed in New Garia, there is no need to navigate the bustling city traffic in the future. Pack the bags, board the Metro and reach the airport area in the shortest possible time.

Surroundings and Environment

Fresh and clean air is vital for healthy living. Residential flats in New Town offer an oasis of serenity. With plenty of trees and greenery all around, living in New Town becomes pleasant for all. Children grow up in a nature-friendly green-zone environment and the elderly also find it nourishing and healing. Residential apartments in New Town allocate plenty of open space for parks and make provisions for various elements of nature to flourish – including water bodies such as natural ponds and lakes inside the gated complex. The contemporary apartments, designed to allow sunlight and ventilation, are sleek and stylish. Clean, aesthetic living is a strength found in abundance in New Town – where nature and modern amenities are in a perfect blend. Since the locality is newly-developed, there are no old, dilapidated buildings around, making the area look upscale with modern and contemporary sky-high residences.

As the affordable housing schemes gather momentum, New Town has a promising future in terms of capital appreciation for home buyers. With the NRI community showing interest in residential projects in New Town, the prices of premium residential apartments are already moving north. The availability of other options such as plots and offices, apart from residential units, makes it an attractive destination for investors and end-users. The mix of various factors goes in favour of New Town as the best place to buy the dream home.

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