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Of course, there are some great advantages and benefits to investing in a luxury home close to wetlands. After all, it is the aesthetics and the sheer calmness and serenity of the water body that seems to captivate the mind of the urban investors.

Congratulations! You’ve finally found your dream home. But there’s just one issue – the property includes wetlands. Should you buy? Or should you not? Does the wetland hold any value? There are hardly any one line answers to these questions so let us delve deeper. Let us first understand the concept of wetlands and their incredible value.

Barring the iota amount of water, which the astronauts carried from the biosphere to dispose of in the space, every molecule of water present from the historic times when the seas were formed on the planet is still present on earth. Yes, though the molecules have moved from gas to liquid and then to the solid ice to support and bathe life, but their presence can’t be denied! A hypothetical example is often used by the WCA (The Cousteau Alliance) to illustrate this – in the atmosphere the molecule that bathes your eye, there must be a molecule of water from Cleopatra’s bath water or from the water drunk by the ancient unicorn or may be from the moist tissue of the old octopus that lived in the ancient sea!!!

Well; if you are in dilemma determining whether or not an area of your property is a wetland actually, you are not alone. Many people have the same question. The good news is ecologists have helped us in  expanding our knowledge of wetlands.

So, what are wetlands?

These are essentially the land areas, which are saturated with water.  Depending on the occasion and on other ecological and geographical factor, they may be saturated only during a certain time of the year or may be saturated throughout the year. To put things simply; wetlands are essentially their own ecosystem, including an incredible variety of aquatic plant, vegetation, flora, and fauna. Yes, these special water and land areas are also the most biologically diverse area of all the ecosystems of the world. The home to a wide range of plants and animal life, wetland adds that ultimate edge to your daily mundane city life.

Do the wetlands hold any significant value?

From a technical home owner’s point of view, YES wetlands hold immense value.  From the conservationist’s point of view as well, the wetlands are incredibly valuable due to their robust ecosystem. From the investor’s standpoint, wetlands hold immense value. There are some great advantages and benefits to investing in a luxury home close to wetlands. After all, it is the aesthetics and the sheer calmness and serenity of the water body that seems to captivate the mind of the urban investors

Here are a few advantages of buying a property close to wetlands:

This is possibly the most significant factor, which has been drawing the urban home buyers towards investing in a luxury home laced with a breath-taking natural lake. Keep in mind; wetlands are the natural lakes, which can’t be built on. This means your home with a natural lake front can provide you with that ultimate sense of serenity and privacy.

Yes, wetlands are their own ecosystem and are the home to an incredible range of wildlife species, aquatic plants, vegetation, flora and fauna, which can actually be an attractive feature of your home. It’s indeed incredible to share your living space with such a diverse range of wildlife!

Breath-taking Views: No, there’s absolutely no denying that every homeowner wants a home with a view. If you cannot buy a million dollar home near the mountains or at the coastline, wetlands stand as a great alternative, offering uninterrupted stunning views of nature,  without the insanely  high price tag. A natural lake next to your home is certainly a more constant and better natural feature than a vacant land next to your property. Yes, the barren land has all the potential to turn into yet another high-rise. On the other hand;  there is a certain sense of openness that a lakefront apartment offers to the homeowners.

Now is the time to talk about the most significant factor the mullah matter! Apart from stunning natural views which it promises, luxury properties close to wetlands in well-knit and well-connected urban areas show a much higher probability of appreciation in terms of monetary value.

Live close to nature: Wake up to the sound of the morning birds, witness a quiet sundown into the lake’s horizon, teach your little one to spot the ever elusive butterflies and birds or simply relax as you unwind facing the lake.  Be frank and tell us –  why wouldn’t you want that?

Yes, having a lakefront apartment is absolutely a lifestyle choice! With all the benefits mentioned above also comes the secret joy and the pride of owning a luxury apartment with a stunning lake view.

Yes, you deserve to live your dreams!

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