"Service is an attitude"

The external environment will always evolve, the country will continuously urbanise, the projected growth of the sector will continue to attract new players, the consumer will always become more demanding but there's one thing that will never change - family time. Our vision is to give everyone more of the people that really really matter. And there's no place like home.

Under his leadership, the Group has completed 110 major projects, received over 25 national and regional awards in the past 3 years alone with 30 projects under development. The organization doesn't just intend to grow on an incremental basis; it is poised for a decisive leap. At the helm of finance and new business acquisition, steering the organization towards an impeccable legacy of growth and development.

A pillar of humility, honesty, integrity, empathy. An animal lover, Painter, with a special place in his heart for helping the handicapped and specially abled people.

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