2-3 years




1 opening

• Research and update oneself with new types of loans and financial services & products available in the market to meet customers’ reality/home loan needs.
• Research and analyse benefits of various loan products like home equity loans, loan against property, bridge loans etc.
• Benefit analysis of purchasing property through Bank loans visa vis direct payment.
• Benefit analysis of various loan repayment options
• Benefit analysis with respect to Tax planning & GST in case of Bank Loans.
• Analyse customer profiles and ideate arguments which will persuade customers to purchase property via bank loans.
• Collaborate with banks for customer benefit offers and strategies that will increase purchase via bank loan.
• Analyse the eligibility of every customer for bank loan and offer loan products accordingly.
• Interact with customers and advise them on loan strategies for reality purchase.
Interact with customers and persuade to buy property via bank loans instead of direct payment.